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Florida School Bus Driver Accused of Punching a Special Needs Child

A shocking report tonight about a school bus driver in Lakeland, Florida, named Brenda Nelson, who brutally assaulted a special needs child while he was on the bus.

This really shouldn't come as a surprise to most, considering the widespread demented abuse that was continuing to hear about across the country from severely mentally ill individuals who are allowed around children.

Fortunately, a good Samaritan in her car witnessed the entire series of events and contacted the school district who then reviewed footage of multiple cameras on the bus only to find out the allegations were true.

“I just can’t hardly believe that she would do something like that,” a friend of the suspect, Brenda Keller told<a href=""> FOX 13 News.</a>

Surprisingly enough Miss Keller days that she knows the driver and grew up with her many years ago.

“If you’re 65 and things get to you like that you shouldn’t be working with children,” Keller said.

According to the school district, they're currently working towards the termination process of Brenda Nelson, who's been employed by the district since 1983.

Regardless of the special needs child provoked her, using physical violence against any student is not only against district policy but is also illegal.

School representatives have confirmed that after monitoring the footage they can see Nelson telling a child, “I’m gonna slap that tongue out of your mouth.”

That's when Nelson hit the special needs girl in the head with an open palm before grabbing the girl's hair and violently shaking her.

To make matters even worse the entire time the young child can be heard screaming in pain.

“It breaks my heart for the child and her,” Keller said, saying that Nelson herself actually had a special needs child of her own.

Keller went on, “Especially knowing that she has a handicapped child herself. What did she do to push your buttons that far?”

Investigators from the school district said they've ready spoke to Nelson who said the girl kept beating on windows and kicking the seats on the bus, despite repeated attempts to prevent her from doing so.

“It appears as if Nelson just broke down and completely lost it,” said a district spokesman.

District Superintendent Jacqueline Byrd said, "This employee squandered the trust of the children and families in her care. She does not embody the values of Polk County Public Schools, and I will not tolerate it.”

Due to the Veteran's Day weekend, it's unlikely that any disciplinary action will be performed until next week when it's believed Brenda Nelson will be terminated from her position and law enforcement will take over a criminal investigation.

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