By: Kyle James | 11-12-2017 | News
Photo credit: CBS News

Former Colleague Says It Was Common Knowledge Roy Moore Dated Teens

A prosecutor who worked with Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore in the 1980's come forward in an interview with CNN to say it was "common knowledge" that Moore dated high school girls.

Former deputy district attorney Teresa Jones said, "It was common knowledge that Roy dated high school girls, everyone we knew thought it was weird. We wondered why someone his age would hang out at high school football games and the mall … but you really wouldn't say anything to someone like that."

According to her firm's website, Jones is now a partner at Syprett, Meshad, Resnick, Lieb, Dumbaugh, Jones, Krotec & Westheimer, a P.A. law firm, but back when she worked with Moore she was a district attorney for Etowah County, Alabama from 1982 to 1985. Moore worked as a deputy district attorney at the same office from 1977 to 1982.

The comments from Jones follow accusations from four women claiming that Moore pursued them sexually when they were just teenagers. The youngest of the four accusers says she was 14 when Moore sexually molested her, Moore was 32 at the time of the assault.

When confronted by conservative talk radio host Sean Hannity over the allegations and asked whether Moore dated teenagers when he was in his 30's he replied, "No, not generally." On another occasion, Moore justified his flings with teenagers by saying he only ever dated underage girls if he asked their mothers permission first.

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Anonymous No. 11666 2017-11-12 : 09:24

The DC Swamp sure is fighting tooth and nail anything Pro-Trump from coming to their Swamp. Here we have a Fake Victim claiming something from 39 years ago. She by the way is a strong Biden Supporter, and her FB page was loaded with ANTI-Trump and supported the Judges challenger.

You'd think if this was Sexual Pev there would other vic's lining up.

Or the Swampers could have phonied up a victim actor from the last 10-15 years at least.

Where is that famous Female Lawyer that always seems to get used by the DNC to accuse Conservatives of speaking to a Women?

There is something bigger at play behind this, since DINO's & RINO's both have joined in trying to keep him out.

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