By: Steve Dellar | 11-11-2017 | News
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Video: Oklahoma UFO Recorded

The following video was recorded in Oklahoma on November 9th this week when a man picked up his son from school and saw strange objects in the sky.

He decided to film it with his mobile phone as he thought it strange they could just keep in one place in the sky.

The unnamed witness stated to the UFO Network: “I was picking my son up from aftercare at his School in Moore Oklahoma around 5:15pm or so. We came outside and saw two dark objects rising in the air. They were tumbling as the floated up in the air. They kept going up. The look square and dark. I took some videi (sic) with my cell phone.”

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Oklahoma UFO’s are a regular sighting lately.

Back in September of this year, there was a video recorded at the State Fair purportedly showing UFO’s that quickly went viral, racking up millions of views within days. It was filmed over the state fair.

However, the US military saw the video and admitted that the footage in question was actually a drop of Navy paratroopers training in the area.

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As to the validity of this latest claim we can only guess, but must admit that it raises some strange questions. The objects filmed seem squared in size and are slowly rising and dropping.

Let us know what you think. True or false?


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Anonymous No. 11628 2017-11-11 : 18:07

fake news

Anonymous No. 11637 2017-11-11 : 22:52

Look like a couple drones having an altitude competition to me.

Anonymous No. 11643 2017-11-12 : 00:20

balloons or drones ….

too wappley

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