By: Earnest Jones | 01-24-2017 | News

FBI ‘Aware’ Of CNN Boss Inciting Terror Against President Trump

CNN President Jeff Zucker made comments warning that President Trump should change his adversarial relationship with CNN failure to which the news outlet would incite a conflict with the Middle East and China for malicious intents. However, the FBI is aware of this comments that were made by Zucker.

In a statement made by a spokesman, the FBI is investigating complaints that were made by concerned citizens who claim that the CNN President Zucker made terror threats, adding that the US Attorney’s office will be in charge of the decision on whether to prosecute.

Zucker held an interview with New York magazine in which he said that President Trump’s administration ought to realize that CNN is the only television network that is seen in Beijing, Moscow, Seoul, Tokyo, Pyongyang, Baghdad, Tehran, and Damascus, adding that the perception of President Trump in capitals around the world is greatly shaped by CNN and hence the new administration’s adversarial relationship with CNN is a mistake.

Zucker’s statement exposed a lot about him one of them being the fact that CNN doesn’t report real news. It only reports what it wants people to hear, and hence its ability to shape people’s perception. CNN’s approach is purely based on politics and favors and not facts. Zucker exposed the intentions on sabotaging diplomatic relations if CNN doesn’t get it’s way. He simply admitted that CNN is out here to push propaganda. The news network is treasonous and fake news.

Fortunately, President Trump is not the type that responds favorably to bullying or strong-arm tactics. He’ll deal squarely with the treasonous fake news outlet. CNN’s argument has faults to it since most governments and countries monitor President Trump’s Twitter account over CNN’s fake content. It’s no surprise to find out that South Korea has even appointed a Twitter Officer with the sole job of monitoring Trump’s tweets. Most if not all countries have awakened to the fact that CNN is out here to push propaganda and hence it’s not reliable.

Many concerned citizens have called out the new FCC Commissioner to conduct a Congressional investigation into whether CNN is guilty of treason against America. It’s without a doubt that CNN should have their FCC licenses reviewed and possibly revoked, along with other crooked mainstream media outlets that attempt to control President Trump.

President Trump ought to repeal the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 which makes it legal for the government to use propaganda on its citizens. The previous president amended that law during his presidency, so that corporate propagandists like CNN have their way.

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Anonymous No. 1171 2017-01-26 : 00:30

cnn commits suicide by fake news

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