By: Steve Dellar | 11-11-2017 | News
Photo credit: Luis Manuel Gonzalez | Facebook

Video: 10-month-old Mexican Baby Weighs in at 28kg / 62lbs!

Mexico ranks as the world’s fattest country. In order to combat the growing obesity problem, the government decided a few years ago to levy harsh taxes on sugary drinks, but to no avail.

The latest example of how bad the problem of childhood obesity and diabetes is in Mexico comes in the for of Luis Manuel Gonzales.

At only 10 months old, he already weighs 28 kilos.

But the causes of his excess weight remain for the time being still unknown. Luis Manuel Gonzales weighed 3.5 kilos for 52 centimeters when he was born on December 15, 2016. Pretty much the same as his brother Mario, now nearly three years old, which is rather small.

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Two months later, little Luisito already weighed 10 kilos, and tripled his weight over the next eight month. The 24-year-old mother, Miss Isabelle Pantoja said that she “thought she had good milk during the period.”

As the father of the family only earns about $200 dollars per month, they set up a special help page on Facebook to receive financial donations to help out with the necessary medical check-ups for the child. Every week Luisito is driven to hospital (in a new stroller as the old one didn’t survive his weight and size) for blood checks.

"In the first month, we saw that he no longer fit in his clothes, so we already had to put a size for children of 2-3 years. When he had two months, and I took him to make his first vaccine, he already weighed around 9-10 pounds," says Isabelle Pantoja. That day, the paediatrician asked him to undergo tests. "Sometimes we have to take him up to three or four times a week" to the hospital in Colima, his father says.

Walks in the village are over. The baby, who now wears a diaper for adults, gets tired after half an hour even sitting in his seat, and must be taken in the arms.


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