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Hero Christian Clerk Kim Davis who Refused Gay Marriage Licenses to Run for KY Reelection

Sometimes you have to stand by your faith and morals regardless of who it offends.

If you're a Christian, the Bible tells you that oppression of those who worship God and clarify Christ as their Lord and Savior will be something that will test the faith of even the strongest, but reminds us that we indeed shall overcome.

Back in Kentucky, Kim Davis stood against all who lined the gates of hell with their degeneracy and sin when she refused to issue gay marriage licenses as the Rowan County Clerk of Courts due to her Apostolic Christian beliefs.

In doing do she became a national headline, facing turmoil and vicious attacks from the cultural Marxist mainstream media who are both Anti-Christian and pro-degeneracy.

Kim Davis said that she doesn't believe in Gay Marriage and that the Bible condemns it, which it indeed does.

Those are her beliefs and she is not only entitled to them but she stood her ground despite being incarcerated for five days in an effort to break her will.

She did not bend, and she did not break.

While she serving the cruel and unusual jail sentence for being a woman of God back in 2015, Davis received multiple visits from then-Republican Presidential candidates Ted Cruz and also Mike Huckabee.

Upon her release, the former Democrat switched to the Republican party in favor of their staunch support of her religious rights and promise to defend the Lord at all costs.

Her case eventually resulted in Kentucky lawmakers removing the names of county clerks from the state marriage license application.

Now her attorney Mat Staver, also the founder of the Liberty Council organization, said that she's fired up and ready to run for reelection in 2018 despite many attempts by politicians in the GOP who have asked that she seek a higher office.

According to Kim, it's what God wants her to do, and she obeys Him.

“She's not interested in any other office,” explained Staver.

I'll tell you this folks, that she's a hero.

She stood up for herself and fought and she made a stance against the Communists and cultural Marxists who wish to see religion perish.

It shall never be conquered, for God is powerful and almighty, and Kim Davis will be reelected for her faith and bravery.

Go, Kim, go!


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Anonymous No. 11630 2017-11-11 : 18:22

I almost took this for a legit news site.

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