By: Steve Dellar | 11-11-2017 | News
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Update Canada Naked Car Accident – Suspects Drank 'Trippy Tea'

Whereas we at first thought this week we had to do with a bizarre bet or student prank, the details that are dripping in from the ‘Canadian naked car crash’ are far weirder than anyone could have imagined.

You will recall that five people were arrested in the town of Nisku, south of Edmonton, Alberta, when they deliberately crashed into a truck this week, <a href="">in an incident that the local authorities described as a “purposeful collusion.”</a>

In what was reportedly a hallucinating event, it now appears that three of those (a couple and their baby) were in fact kidnapped and stuffed in the said car full of naked people.

A relative of one of the accused (who for legal reasons cannot be named as it involves minors) said that incident was now probably due to a round of “hallucinogenic tea” over breakfast for the perpetrators.

The story so far after the tea consumption: two adults and a six-week-old baby were abducted from their house and stuffed in a car. The male victim managed to escape from the car, and minutes later, so did the woman with her baby.

A man that was passing by (an employee of Leduc Plumbing and Heating company) stopped on the side of the road to pick them up. Mr. Derek Scott, co-owner of the firm, tells the incredible ordeal: “Apparently they came out of the ditch with no shoes on, so he stopped to see, obviously, if they needed help. It’s the middle of the winter and people running around with no shoes on – you stop to help them.”

When the two adults and their baby climbed into the Leduc Plumbing and Heating truck, “the unclothed people in the BMW” drove up behind the truck and “rammed him from behind,” Mr. Scott continued.

Afterwards, police and firefighters arrived on the scene, arresting the naked suspect: “There was no covering. The guy had to do the walk of shame in front of everybody, then two more women did the walk of shame in front of everybody … then the one lady was the last to be removed – she put up the biggest fight … It was a pretty wild fight. It took five people to get her out.”


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Anonymous No. 11606 2017-11-11 : 11:04

Where can I get me some of that tea…

Anonymous No. 11615 2017-11-11 : 13:06

i want the tea!!!

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