By: Frank Willis | 01-25-2017 | News
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A King's Dream Is Trumped

Recently the United States celebrated the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. Most people believe the federal holiday is on his January 15th birthday, when actually we celebrate it annually on the third Monday of January. Similar to how Thanksgiving falls on the third Thursday of November.

With Donald Trump recently being elected as President, it would appear that alot of his efforts to make change was futile. Our nation elected a known racist who ran his campaign based off prejudice and chauvinist morals. I'm sure what is going on today was not part of the dream he preached about. That is a clear cut sign that our nation has regressed and taken a huge step back.

Never the less, you can not devalue his efforts. For a black minister in Jim Crow southern states, all the speeches and marches was flat out dangerous. In the end he paid the ultimate price. He shined a light to the world what happens when you stand up for justice and equality. His methods of non-violence highlighted the hatred that people have in their hearts.

Now, nobody knows for sure if having a character like Donald Trump as president was part of Dr. King's dream, but it is set in stone now. There isn't any need in pouting and being sad. President Trump is working hard and making alot of moves.

According to "Trump captures Isis leader in one day of air strikes". It is amazing that he is taking acting in the first day. I'm sure that Dr. King would approve of that.

Lasty, it would be sad if Trump was successful in repealing Obamacare. According to the there is a lot of different scenarios that must happen before everything is complete.

They state "No one in Congress can simply introduce a budget reconciliation bill. The word "reconciliation" refers to the process by which congressional committees that control permanent spending programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, as well as tax policy, take action to reconcile that spending with the terms of the annual budget resolution."

Time is the only thing that will tell the story of Trumps term. All anybody can do is stay informed to his daily movements. Following him on twitter and tweeting him should be more than enough for any citizen to voice their opinion. According to "Martin Luther King, Jr. challenged our nation’s social ideals.

He brought to the forefront of thought the disparity between the ideals on which the United States of America was founded and those which it practiced", so hopefully Trump is wise enough to carry on Dr. King's message.

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