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Obama Let The "First Lady Of ISIS" Into America, Now She Lives Like A Soccer Mom In Texas

A woman who has been called the "First Lady of ISIS" is living as a normal soccer mom in Dallas, Texas despite being an influential figure in the caliphate.

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The jihadi bride was allowed under President Obama to come to America even though she has openly said she dreams her children become terrorists and even moved to Syria with her husband to join ISIS. 33-year-old Tania Georgelas first gained notoriety for marrying John Georgelas, an American man who quickly climbed the ranks of ISIS and brought his wife and three children to Syria with him. She says in an interview as she describes growing up in London and subject to racist neighbors, "I was looking for a way to retaliate." At some point in their 10-year long marriage and life in Syria with ISIS, Tania decides to bring her kids to America and cut ties with her husband.

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She is now living a so-called "normal life" in Dallas, Texas but one has to wonder if she is a danger to the public. After all, she is a former ISIS member and the wife of a high ranking terrorist and leading producer of English-language ISIS propaganda. Now, she lives with her children in Dallas and has a comfortable life supported by Georgelas wealthy parents.

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