By: Kaoru Moulton | 11-10-2017 | News
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Uber Instead of an Ambulance?

It is becoming a trend for people to ride Uber for a medical emergency ride to the hospital.

This would save a lot of money, but when it comes to the real extreme case, it may not. However, Uber drivers are quick, cheap, more predictable than ambulance services. Plus it allows riders to choose the hospital they’re taken to.

This is totally a new challenge for Uber drivers.

On the web forum, some drivers shared stories of those cases. Some drivers denied their ride when passengers look liked like they needed emergency medical care. Like bleeding a lot or a serious burn. They said that they did not want to get blood inside of their car, or did not want to have a dead body in their car. Also, they cannot speed like an ambulance.

Still Uber is quicker and definitely cheaper.

Depends on which States, 911 ambulance rides to the hospital cost hundreds. $500 to $900 on average. Your health insurance may cover its cost, but still more than a couple of hundreds you would have to pay after insurance. Uber would be around $20.

But there is a liability issue for drivers. If anything happened to a passenger, it would be the driver who has to carry the insurance.

Officially Uber agrees that riders should call local police or emergency medical services for emergencies.

“It’s important to note that Uber is not a substitute for law enforcement or medical professionals,” said Uber spokesperson Brooke Anderson by email. “In the event of any medical emergency, we encourage people to call 911.”

At some uber driver forums online, one says he would call Uber because it's quicker and a lot cheaper.

Dr Jeffrey Ingeman, an emergency room physician says “They'll call Uber to transport them because they know they'll get there safely,”

Another Doctor says “If you need to call 911, by all means, they provide the best service,” “But if you think you don’t need to go to the ER, you've got something you don't want to burden the EMS system, Uber is great."

Still for the avoidance of doubt, if you or your loved ones have a real emergency, like heavy bleeding, serious burn, or becoming unconscious, you need to call 911. Uber drivers are not equipped or trained to handle medical emergencies.

And one more thing I need to mention. There is a country where emergency medical service is FREE. People start to use the ambulance as a regular taxi. A lot of people (especially elder people) call to 911-like emergency service saying "I have a little coughing, need a ride. Please come now" "I am having slight fever. Not feeling well, need ambulance, come now"

As a result, emergency riding system not functioning anymore.

Which do you prefer?


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Anonymous No. 11528 2017-11-10 : 14:54

but if you're going to give birth, do you really want to wait for the uber to arrive.. 6 minutes…. aagh, now it's 8 minutes.

Anonymous No. 11531 2017-11-10 : 15:03

Should certain Uber drivers with EMT training get slotted to a higher pay zone? Just from a PR perspective, having drivers running around with Narcan and first aid kits might not be a bad idea. I'm sure their attorneys would disagree.

Anonymous No. 11553 2017-11-10 : 19:56

That is an excellent idea. Its almost like the government and corporations should collaborate for the greater good of the citizens… isn't that fascism though? :/

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