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Photo credit: ABC 13

Video: Toledo Woman Crashes into Burning House Before Trying to Escape Without Pants On

Yeah so, the title pretty much summarizes this entire story.

Firefighters were on the scene of a burning home in Toledo, Ohio in an effort to combat the flames and save lives.

As firefighters were doing their best to fend off the blaze, reporters from local news ABC13 were also on the scene with cameras rolling to film the tragedy.

Shockingly as their cameras were rolling, a White SUV crashed into the home.

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Video shows the vehicle backing into the front steps, where the firefighters were standing at

The woman behind the wheel then puts the SUV in a park, opens the door, gets out and starts running down the sidewalk, and she's not wearing any pants.

As she runs away trying to apparently escape a man then runs up behind her. At this point, the cameras capture her as she falls, gets back up, then tries to run past him.

That's when firefighters walk up and lead the woman back to the emergency vehicles and have her sit down and figure out just what the hell is going on.

Several witnesses describe the SUV flying down the street, jumping the curb, and then taking out a stop sign.

"We were standing across the street and heard some screeching and loud sounds and a lady come barreling down the road, hitting fire trucks, and taking out street signs," says Albert Welch. "It was a very scary moment."

Apparently, the woman has now been taken to a nearby hospital for a psychiatric evaluation which she clearly needs.


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Anonymous No. 11539 2017-11-10 : 15:38

What a nice addition to an otherwise commonplace housefire.

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