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Four Savage Thugs Murder Two 16-Year-Old White Teenage Girls in Kentucky

We once again are forced to witness why wild animals shouldn't be free in our streets after four criminal savages in Winchester, Kentucky are charged with the horrific murder of two innocent teenagers.

Earlier this week two beautiful and innocent sixteen-year-old girls had their lives cut short by four violent criminals.

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16-year-old Kayla Holland and 16-year-old Adrianna Castro were both shot to death Tuesday night at around 9 PM outside of a two-story brick house on East Washington Street, which sits about two blocks from Winchester’s Main Street, near the Washington Street Apartments in Winchester.

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The girls were hit by the gunfire as they walked through the parking lot.

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Kayla Holland died at the scene, Winchester police Capt. James Hall said. Adrianna Castro was taken to Clark Regional Hospital, where she died, Hall said.

“There were a number of witnesses here at the scene, and we began interviewing those witnesses,” Hall said. “We were able to identify some suspects, and throughout the night we were able to make some charges on a few individuals.”

One neighbor says she heard at least four gunshots, then saw a couple of people run from the area.

18-year-old Mikaela Buford, 24-year-old Denzel Hill, 22-year-old Darian Skinner, and 18-year-old Ronnie Ellis have all since been arrested for the horrific crimes.

The first three were arrested for first-degree murder and then later a teenager showed up to the Winchester Police Department with information that led to the arrest of Ellis as an accessory to homicide.

Each of the suspects is now in custody under a $1,000,000.00 cash bond set by the Judge who said these two girls died “way too young.”

Police say Mikaela Buford drove the three men to those apartments. Police say they are searching for a fifth person connected to the shooting and there could be additional charges for others.

The two girls were students in Winchester, known for being kind-hearted and fun to be around.

“We were very shocked. Like as soon as we found out, my sister, she called us and me just… it was jaw-dropping,” said friend Maria Caheu.

“I was really in shock,” said friend Nicole Belcher.

Caheu and Belcher said that Adriana Castro and Kayla Holland were great people, who were just living their lives.

“It’s sad that she.. both of them girls was 16-years-old,” said Caheu. “They didn’t even get to make it until 18. They didn’t even get to experience even a part of life and their lives are gone just like that.”

Caheu also says that having a violent shooting like this happen in her hometown worries her.

“It’s scary, honestly, knowing like everything like all the shootings going on,” said Caheu. “People think it’s a game, it’s not.

She's still shocked that these animals are able to kill like this without remorse for their crimes or any sense of decency for human life.

“People are just, they’re, they’re just unbelievable,” said Caheu. “They’re unbelievable. People are just like, they don’t care anymore. It’s like they don’t care about taking loved ones from someone else. You know, it’s like, I can’t even imagine.”

Of course, the families of the suspects were quick to claim they <i>“dindu nuffin”</i>, essentially playing the typical role of victim instead of admitting their bastard children killed two innocent kids.

The mother of one of the suspects said her daughter didn’t know anyone was going to die. She “is not a killer,” said Rachael Miller, the mother of Mikaela Buford.

Maybe if she'd been responsible for raising her daughter she'd not have been such a heartless animal, to begin with.

It's just an outright tragedy. Four needlessly cruel animals tore apart the entire world of a community over what appears to be a cowardly and violent crime against two innocent children who had their entire lives ahead of them.


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Anonymous No. 11500 2017-11-10 : 09:05

So will this be listed as a Hate Crime, which increases the odds of a Death Penalty?…. in 20-25 years from now.

Anonymous No. 11503 2017-11-10 : 09:14

Around blacks….

Anonymous No. 11545 2017-11-10 : 16:20

You people are the worst! Have you no shame?

Savages? They are human beings just like you and me. Cept these fuckin niggers need some killing.

Anonymous No. 11576 2017-11-11 : 01:50

Nobody, in the body of the article, was speaking English. All ebonics. White girls are so stupid that they welcome the thug culture into their lives, even seek it out. They will never figure out that when they go looking for that thug culture, they're gonna find it! Darwin's principles of natural selection play out in front of us every day!

Anonymous No. 11631 2017-11-11 : 18:24

Where is the article about the savage that shot up the church?

Anonymous No. 11505 2018-08-11 : 09:50

Omg. Your hatered because of race is just as bad. God bless you all.

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