By: Savannah Smith | 01-24-2017 | News
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Pro-life Conservatives Celebrate President Trump's New Executive Order Reinstating The Anti-Abortion

Pro-life advocates and conservatives have reason to celebrate as they have the closest and strongest allies they could wish for in opposing abortion as a matter of state policy whether on domestic or international shores- no less than the two highest leaders of the land, Vice President Mike Pence and President Donald Trump. President Trump has just signed an executive order preventing foreign aid or federal funding for international NGOs that provide or promote abortions.

The Republican President effectively reinstated the so-called Mexico City policy established by fellow Republican President Reagan in 1984 which blocks federal funding for international family planning charities that provide abortions or providing means that promote the procedure like giving patients useful information about it including offering referrals to abortion providers.

The policy is rescinded and reinstated based on which party is in power, with political observers saying it is subject to a "political football." Former president Bill Clinton brought it back during his term, George W. Bush rescinded it, and Barack Obama brought it back.

The President's move comes as no surprise since he has always professed to be pro-life. During the campaign, the President promised to sign any legislation defunding organizations that provide the procedure and also passionately vowed to appoint pro-life justices to the Supreme Court.

Vice President Pence is, of course, a known staunch anti-abortion advocate who passed several laws restricting the procedure while he served as governor of Indiana. In fact, during his stint in Congress, Pence also introduced bills that would have blocked federal funding for organizations that provide abortions.

The debate on abortions is being anticipated to escalate following the Women's March last Saturday generally calling for women's rights, among them a pro-choice approach to abortion. Pro-life advocates are poised to counter the Women's March with their own annual March for Life on Friday, also in Washington, D.C.

Yesterday happened to be the 44th anniversary of the Roe v.Wade Supreme Court ruling that declared abortion as legal. That is why President Trump's executive order holds more meaning for pro-life advocates as it signals a new era and positive direction for their cause of protecting life especially of the defenseless unborn and in also guarding taxpayers' money for rightful purposes.

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