By: Savannah Smith | 01-23-2017 | News
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Tyranny of Twitter Continues With The Suspension of WeSearcher Account

The tyranny of Twitter strikes again. The popular social media site has unjustly suspended the account of WeSearcher for running an online campaign to track down and identify the Inauguration attacker of alt-right activist and leader Richard Spencer, and for offering a bounty. As usual, Twitter has offered no reasonable explanation, or even prior warning, for the account suspension. The tyrant that Twitter is, exercising vast and excessive, if not abusive, control simply blocked the account just like that.

Supporters and followers of WeSearchr are enraged over the account suspension, convinced that it was another censorship move by Twitter against what it perceived as pro-Trump sites and accounts. It does not matter that Trump is already our duly-inaugurated President. It does not matter to Twitter that WeSearchr is just fulfilling its journalistic functions of unraveling mysteries and conclusively finding answers to troubling questions of public interest. It also does not matter to Twitter that the supporters and followers of the WeSearchr site and Twitter account, along with Spencer allies and believers, are also merely carrying out their civic duty- that is to help expose and bring to justice a thug and a criminal- Spencer inauguration day attacker.

One of the founders of WeSearchr, Chuck Johnson, has vowed to fight back against the tyranny and unjust and arbitrary suspension of their group's account by threatening to sue the social media site. He also warned that he will be bringing up the issue all the way to their allies in the Trump administration.

Supporters have flooded Twitter with calls to #FreeWesearchr, and have expressed strong disagreement and disappointment with Twitter's decision to suspend the Wesearchr account. One obviously incredulous user posted: "WeSearchr was banned for wanting to ID a criminal? That's it.#FreeWeSearchr. One netizen sarcastically remarked on Twitter: " How dare @WeSearchr put rewards for the apprehension of violent criminals?". And another had a biting commentary: "Looks like the radical lunatic leftists over @Twitter are at it again,@WeSearchr suspended.

Twitter has faced numerous controversies in the past, especially during the campaign and election period for its unsteady, arbitrary and unfair policies on account suspensions. The site wrestled with tremendous public backlash for the perception that it is singling out individuals and groups espousing certain political viewpoints that may run contrary to the beliefs of Twitter management. Richard Spencer's own account was previously suspended and was only reinstated last month after heavy clamor from the activist's supporters and followers, and the own persistence of Spencer himself.

Despite Twitter's unreasonable and unjust account suspension, the call to raise funds and conclusively identify Spencer's assailant continues to gain even stronger ground. As of today, the bounty has reached $4,405, up by more than $1,000 in just a day since we last reported on it. 107 contributors gave money to the cause in various denominations from $10, $20, $50, a couple of $100s, and a few $500s. One one of the most recent contributors today gave $302 with the message " Fuck Twitter".

Looks like the tyranny of Twitter will just embolden and enrage Spencer's supporters even more passionately push for his assailant's identification and hopefully, eventual arrest to protect Americans' fundamental freedom of free expression regardless of political views.

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