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Nutella Changed Its Recipe and Fans Going Nuts

Nutella changed the recipe, adding more powdered milk. Nutella's USA Twitter page confirmed the recipe change

The brand posted on its German Facebook page that it was "fine tuning".

This news hit the loyal customers who love its old recipe.

"OMG!! They are changing the recipe for #Nutella !!! NOOOOOOOO HOW DARE THEY!! Leave the sugar & coco alone!!!"

"What a #Nutella jar looks like when deconstructed. Should be called fatty sugar spread really. "

"As if #Nutella wasn't bad enough yet, there's more milk in it now, more fat, less cacao. & Still palm oil."

The recipe change was released flast week by the Hamburg Consumer Protection Center. This minor adjustment made the chocolate spread's color lighter. According to the Hamburg Consumer Protection Center, the proportion of skimmed milk powder had increased to 8.7 percent from 7.5 percent.

Nutella was invented by Ferrero, the Italian company, after the World War 2, first introduced in 1965. It was originally created due to the shortage of cocoa supply. Hazelnuts were substituted instead of cocoa.

Nutella's main ingredient is actually palm oil.

In the United States Ferrero was sued in a class action lawsuit against fake advertisements. It is because it says that Nutella has nutrition and health benefits that caused consumers to misunderstand. In 2012, Ferrero agreed to pay a $3 million settlement.

February 5th is World Nutella Day.

And if you look for the recipe, you can actually cook "Nutella" like spread from scratch easily.


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Anonymous No. 11451 2017-11-09 : 17:11

Is it just me or do the Vegemite people also worship Nutella?

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