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Prosecutors: Nurse, Already Serving Life Sentence, May Have Killed 100 Patients

According to both Prosecutors and Police, a man already serving a life sentence for two homicides may have potentially murdered 100 patients.

The German prosecution team in Oldenburg said that the case of Niels Hoegel is one of the stunning revelations, where the man is already incarcerated for the prior convictions.

Authorities back in August announced that they had discovered an additional 84 patients who likely died at the hands of Hoegel despite the initial convictions, but that they were still investigating.

Now, however, the Oldenburg Police say they've completed examinations on another 16 patients on top of the two original convictions and the 84 announced in August.

This would bring the kill count up to 102 victims at the hand of a single male nurse who is clearly deranged.

Those close to the case say that Hoegel would use heart medications on some victims to put them into cardiac arrest and then try to revive them because of both the power he would feel and his addiction to resuscitation.

Hoegel was a nurse at two area hospitals where it's believed she may have done all sorts of atrocities in ending the lives of the patients including poisoning if not forced overdoses and disconnecting equipment necessary to their survival.


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