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Video - Polish Government Asks Citizens To ‘Breed Like Rabbits’

As in most western European democracies, Poland is faced with a worrying trend: falling birth rates.

People in Poland have discovered, together with their newfound wealth since the 2000s, that there is a second and a third way next to have lots of children, which is only having one (or two) children per family or even having none.

This trend is nothing new for France or Germany, where the population, just as in Japan and Russia for that matter, has been stagnating or decreasing for a few years now.

But Poland was known as a rapidly growing and convincingly Catholic country where people tended to large families in general.

With the entry into the EU as a full member state, many young poles left the country to go and work (in Britain mostly) in richer European countries and would send money home every month to their family, leaving a whole generation concentrating on making money rather than ‘making’ children.

According to official statistics, Poland’s birth rate was 1.32 children per woman in 2015, whereas a figure of 2.33 children per woman is normally needed to continue repopulating and replacing the polish population.

For this reason, the health ministry of Poland has now found a novel way to encourage it’s citizens to produce more offspring, ‘just like rabbits do’.

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In a widely discussed Youtube Video, a rabbit “narrator” explains the secret of their big families. The small creatures do regular exercise, feast on a healthy diet and have little stress.

The Health Ministry explained in a statement to that it was trying to encourage Poles in their reproductive years, meaning those between the ages of 18 and 45, to try and adopt a healthier healthy lifestyle that would improve their reproductive health.

It added that it intended to raise public awareness of the issue in a way that "did not offend anyone and was not vulgar," hence the usage of bunnies.


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Anonymous No. 11445 2017-11-09 : 13:47

Ha, let's see in a few years whether it was effective

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