By: Steve Dellar | 11-09-2017 | News
Photo credit: Instagram Marisa Papen

Video - Belgian Instagram Model Convicted For Theft

Marisa Papen has a name which in her mother tongue of Dutch refers to the ‘Pope’, or rather anything ‘holy’. However, the 25-year-old nude model from Belgium is no saint.

She was convicted by the Antwerp court of appeals to a preliminary jail term of 4 months and a fine of 600 Euro for theft.

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The facts date to September of 2013. In the Ikea store in Wilrijk she loaded, together with a friend, a shopping cart full of lamps, curtains, candles, a wok, napkins and plenty of dishes (we can only assume the ladies were throwing a party), into a shopping trolley. All for a total of 700 Euro, but the two girlfriends never intended to pay for any of it.

Whilst Miss Papen offered just a small package of napkins to the cashier, her friend made her way out of the store with the goods. But before they could reach their car, Ikea security personnel stopped the two. They declared that it was a bet in order to create a viral video, but the Swedish furniture chain decided to call the police anyway.

Miss Papen has convicted for the facts in 2015 already, but given that she by then had scored European wide fame and was on the cover of Playboy, she decided to appeal (any publicity is good publicity probably).

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She has now lost that appeal and decided to pay up, still explaining to the press present that it was all done in good faith and it was never her intention to steal any of the goods.

Just in April of this year, the model, who once had 600k followers and was elected Instagram’s woman of the year, had to spend a night in an Egyptian cell having tried to take nude photographs in a temple.


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Anonymous No. 11432 2017-11-09 : 10:16

wow i love seeing her fishing <3

Anonymous No. 11444 2017-11-09 : 13:46

yes, those fish have quite the view…

Anonymous No. 11476 2017-11-10 : 00:52

I want to have a taste of her fish if you know what i mean.

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