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Black Uber Driver Refuses to Service Blind White Woman, Then He Commits Vehicular Assault

According to law enforcement in Boston, Massachusetts a couple had ordered an Uber driver to come to their home and give them a lift.

However, once the Uber driver arrived and saw that 39-year-old Milissa Garside and her boyfriend 41-year-old Richard David Welch had an animal with them, he refused.

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Milissa said she explained to the Uber driver, known only by his Uber profile name as “Allen”, that both she and her boyfriend blind and the dog, named Theo, was her service animal.

In the residential United States of America no business can refuse a service animal, and doing so to the blind is exponentially cruel.

Garside said that he rolled down the window and simply said, “No Dogs”.

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Her boyfriend later came down to assist her because earlier in the evening before “Allen” arrived she had attempted to order another driver who refused her service because he claimed he didn't speak English.

Once Welch came down to wait with her on the second ride, the pair were shocked at the discrimination being committed against them.

Garside said that Welch told the man it's illegal to refuse them service and attempted to unlock the door through the window, as he's also blind, and that “Allen” rolled the window up on his hand.

She said she heard Welch screaming, as “Allen” then drove off dragging him ten to fifteen feet across the road while he was trapped inside the window.

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Hysterical, Garside said, “I was freaked out because I could hear Richard running, trying to keep up with the car. I knew something was happening, so I kept asking ‘what's happening, what's happening’?”

Unfortunately, Garside lost her sight when she was three, and she was frightened by the commotion which she said she could only hear but not see.

Fortunately for the blind couple who were both discriminated against by a violent Anti-White racist black man for their skin color and disability, a witness saw the entire encounter and rushed over to Richard's aid.

They soon called Police who are now actively seeking criminal charges for assault against “Allen”, also saying that his Uber license has been suspended.

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Richard was transported to a nearby hospital with minor injuries, but it could have been much worse.

Garside said she wants to use their experience to help raise awareness of the plight of thousands of blind people who are all too often turned down by the app's drivers despite its policies and federal laws clearly dictating that they must be allowed into the cars with dogs.

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She said a third of all her trips involve her being turned down because of Theo being with her of whom she simply cannot travel without.

“It's a country wide problem,” Garside said. “Uber has been discriminating against blind people with dogs.”

She went on to say, “It needs to stop. I just want to be able to take a ride like everyone else. I don't have time to request four or five before one agrees to take me.”

As of this time, it remains unknown if Boston Police have apprehended the vile creature responsible.

If you or anyone you know recognizes this animal please contact the Boston Police Department at


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Anonymous No. 11430 2017-11-09 : 10:08

Send them back to Africa if they're going to be this way

Anonymous No. 11472 2017-11-10 : 00:24

We wuz kangz

Anonymous No. 11693 2017-11-12 : 18:54

Multiracialism does not work

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