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Kevin Spacey Edited Out And Replaced From Film Coming Out In December

Kevin Spacey has been deleted from an upcoming Ridley Scott film and all scenes with the actor have been re-shot with a replacement just two months before the film's release in December. The actor replacing Spacey is Christopher Plummer who will play the role of billionaire J. Paul Getty in the film. The scenes featuring Spacey were removed and are being filmed with Plummer instead.

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The film is about the kidnapping of Getty's grandson in 1973 and is called "All the Money in the World". It is scheduled for release December 22, 2017, through Sony's TriStar despite the last minute change in one of the film's key characters. The replacement of Spacey is a bold move in technical terms and no doubt poses a challenge for the film crew. The decision to cut Spacey followed the multiple allegations of pedophilia and sexual assault levied against him in recent weeks.

Actor Anthony Rapp started the cascade of allegations by coming forward and telling of how Spacey sexually assaulted him when he was 14. Since then, numerous other allegations have surfaced including those from coworkers of Spacey who say the actor sexually assaulted them regularly causing Netflix to halt production of their hit series "House of Cards" indefinitely.

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Anonymous No. 11426 2017-11-09 : 09:24

It's called "De-Stalinization" - yet another method of rewriting history.

Anonymous No. 11471 2017-11-09 : 23:43

Lol, I love this idea.

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