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Illegal Alien in Omaha, Nebraska Sexually Assaulted Four Children

Another day, another reason of exactly why they have to go back.

Not just one, but each and every illegal immigrant inside of America must be forcibly removed from the United States.

There is no more debating this.

Now we're receiving reports that yet another Federal Criminal Illegal Alien inside of America has committed horrifying atrocities against four innocent children in Nebraska.

Authorities say that Omaha resident Victor Garcia-Fuentes not only molested four young children but also then proceeded to attempt to intimidate witnesses to ensure he wouldn't be convicted of his crimes.

Victor Garcia-Fuentes is already in custody at the Douglas County Jail on an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainer; where he's now been charged with four counts of child sexual assault.

According to Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine in Omaha, said that Garcia-Fuentes is a vile and disgusting pedophile.

Kleine said in reference to the new charges, “Three of them are contact charges. One is a penetration charge. So these are very serious charges.”

Each of the four children is between the ages of five and twelve years old, said Kleine; who for obvious reasons cannot name the minor victims.

The child victims didn't contact law enforcement about the events until after Garcia-Fuentes was already jail, apparently because as a free man he had threatened them if they ever came forward.

The Omaha Police Department says they now have phone conversations which were recorded from inside the jail where Garcia-Fuentes spoke to an unknown man and woman and asked for their help to hunt down the children's families.

The woman on the phone warned Garcia-Fuentes they were being recorded, so Garcia-Fuentes said he would send them a letter about how to handle the situation.

The evidence obtained from those recorded calls then gave investigators probable cause to go to the jail with a search warrant and look through Garcia-Fuentes's mail.

“There's always concerns with victims, the victims' families, and law enforcement that somebody might try to intimidate victims, intimidate witnesses to try to not have them testify,” said Kleine.

Investigators also say they now have multiple phone recordings from inside the jail of Garcia-Fuentes telling the woman whom they've yet to identify to go to his house and locate a cell phone he had hidden behind a dresser and take it to destroy it.

We're not sure what's on that phone, but apparently, Garcia-Fuentes is attempting to call shots from behind bars.

It also remains unseen if he's part of a criminal illegal alien gang, but the evidence would support his criminal activities that may be the case.

Garcia-Fuentes will be in court for a hearing on November the 27th later this month.

If convicted of the child molestation charges, he will first serve a prison sentence here before being deported to his home country where he undoubtedly belongs.


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