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FBI Agents Raiding Headquarters of Major US Body Parts Broker, but Why?

What's going on with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and a major company which harvests body parts of deceased Americans?

Apparently that company, MedCure had been raided by the Federal Law Enforcement Agency in an effort to find evidence for a future case.

The FBI reportedly raided the headquarters of MedCure, which is a national company that solicits people to donate their bodies to science and then sells human parts for use by researchers and educators to advance scientific research in various fields.

The FBI said that their search warrant which was executed by the both the Federal Bureau of Investigation and FDA investigators at the company's headquarters in Portland, Oregon on November 1st is sealed and that the Bureau and the company declined to comment on the nature of the FBI investigation.

Despite the assessment of those within enforcement that this case must remain tight-lipped, people familiar with the matter said that the inquiry concerns the manner in which MedCure distributes body parts acquired from its donors.

MedCure is currently amongst the largest brokers of cadavers and body parts in the United States and North America in general.

From the years 2011 through 2015, documents obtained under public-record laws show, the company received more than 11,000 donated bodies and distributed more than 51,000 body parts to medical industry customers nationally.

In a current brochure, the company says that 80,000 additional living people have pledged to donate their bodies to MedCure when they die.

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FBI spokeswoman Beth Anne Steele has officially confirmed the day-long search of the 25,000-square-foot facility happened but declined to comment any further as to why because the matter is under seal.

Another person who is familiar with the matter said that dozens of FBI agents took records from MedCure but did not remove any of the human remains.

The search warrant, even though sealed, signals that an FBI investigation of MedCure has reached an advanced stage heading towards prosecution of they are removing evidence.

To obtain a search warrant to seize records, rather than demand them via subpoena, FBI agents must provide a detailed affidavit to a United States Magistrate with evidence to support probable cause that crimes have been committed and that related records may be on the premises of the company.

“MedCure is fully cooperating with the FBI, and looks forward to resolving whatever questions the government may have about their business,” said Jeffrey Edelson, a Portland attorney who represents the company. “Out of respect for the integrity of the process, we do not believe that further comment is appropriate at this time.”

In the United States, it is illegal to profit from the sale of organs destined for transplants, such as hearts and kidneys.

Regardless of it being illegal to profit, however, it is indeed legal in most U.S. states to sell donated whole bodies or their dissected parts, such as arms and heads, for medical research, training and education purposes.

Commonly known as body brokers, these businesses often profit by targeting people too poor to afford a burial or cremation.

It's alleged that people who donate their bodies to science may be unwittingly contributing to the commerce of those organs in secrecy.

Very few states actually regulate the body donation industry, and those that do so have different rules, enforced with varying degrees of thoroughness. Body parts can be bought with ease in the United States.

During a series of undercover reporting last month a Reuters reporter was able to meet with one of the individuals involved in the business and actually bought two heads and a spine from a Tennessee broker with just a few emails to start the process.

MedCure, founded in 2005, has offices in Nevada, Florida, Rhode Island and Missouri, as well as Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

At some of those locations, including the one near Portland, MedCure provides training labs for doctors and health professionals to practice surgical techniques. MedCure also sends body parts and technicians to assist with medical conferences across the country.

MedCure is legally accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks, a national organization that primarily works with transplant tissue banks.

The broker themselves are also licensed by the state health departments in Oregon and New York, among the few states that conduct inspections. According to Oregon state health records, officials renewed MedCure’s license in January, following a routine on-site review.

This has the world wondering just what's going on inside of MedCure, and are the FBI onto the trail of both a potential black market organ trade and even that of human trafficking or missing child victims?

The conspiracies are potential realities as we know this occurs in other continents, where humans are essentially kidnapped and butchered to provide for the black market organ trade.

We will soon know more if charges are announced against anyone within the company, but many believe this is tied into a much larger network if criminal enterprise involving elites.


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