By: Lawrence Synder | 01-24-2017 | News
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Palestine Calls Moving U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem an Act of War

After reports about the U.S. Embassy’s relocation from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem emerged, Palestine responded by saying that the move would be considered as a “declaration of war against Muslims.” Although it is not yet clear when the relocation will happen, White House Press Secretary has confirmed that talks about moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel have begun.

Earlier this week Channel 2 and Israeli news outlet, claimed that a White House source revealed that President Donald Trump is preparing to announce the relocation of the U.S. Embassy. Moving the facility to Israel will serve as an official confirmation that the U.S. recognizes the city as a capital of Israel.

Although Israelis applauded the report, the potential move has angered Palestinians since Jerusalem has been a highly disputed territory for centuries. According to Jibril Rajoub, a high-ranking official in the ruling Fatah Party of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abba, transferring the U.S. Embassy to Israel would be perceived by Muslims as an act of aggression.

“In our opinion moving the embassy to Jerusalem is a declaration of war against Muslims,” Rajoub said. “We are talking about a dangerous step that won’t bring stability to the ground.”

The official then went on to say that the relocation would go against previous resolutions and policies enforced by the U.S. and the United Nations. According to another Palestinian official, the country’s government is planning on asking the U.N. General Assembly to suspend Israel’s membership if Trump’s proceeds with the embassy’s relocation.

Despite the threatening reaction from Palestine, Spicer noted that Trump’s administration is still keen on the relocation of the embassy. This is widely being viewed as the president’s way of fixing the relationship between the U.S. and Israel following the Obama administration’s decision not to veto the U.N. Security Council’s resolution regarding the country’s Jewish settlements. Although the U.S. has already entered the initial stages of the relocation, the move will probably not happen immediately.

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Anonymous No. 1149 2017-01-24 : 14:18

"About 125,000 Jews left Iraq for Israel in the late 1940s and into 1952, most because they had been lied to and put into a panic by what I came to learn were Zionist bombs." - Naeim Giladi

Anonymous No. 1150 2017-01-24 : 14:18

"The United States was not in the war at that time. We were fresh; we were young; we were rich; we were powerful. They [Zionists] told England: “We will guarantee to bring the United States into the war as your ally, to fight with you on your side, if you will promise us Palestine after you win the war.” - Benjamin Freedman

Anonymous No. 1151 2017-01-24 : 14:19

"Focusing primarily on Plan D (Dalet, in Hebrew), conceived on March 10, 1948, Pappe demonstrates how ethnic cleansing was not a circumstance of war, but rather a deliberate goal of combat for early Israeli military units led by David Ben-Gurion, whom Pappe labels the 'architect of ethnic cleansing.'

The forced expulsion of 800,000 Palestinians between 1948-49, Pappe argues, was part of a long-standing Zionist plan to manufacture an ethnically pure Jewish state. Framing his argument with accepted international and UN definitions of ethnic cleansing, Pappe follows with an excruciatingly detailed account of Israeli military involvement in the demolition and depopulation of hundreds of villages, and the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Arab inhabitants." - The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, by Israeli professor Ilan Pappe

Anonymous No. 1152 2017-01-24 : 14:19

I'm more then ready to help them to paradise.

Anonymous No. 1153 2017-01-24 : 14:20

hell for them a cricket fart is an act of war so whats new, While I was in college I wrote an article about Saddam, restating news articles in an ummm interesting way, the local Palestinians all but threatened to behead me on the spot, because I told the truth about the …. well enough of that they will use any slight to declare war..

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