By: Earnest Jones | 01-24-2017 | News
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Trump Willing To Team Up With Putin To Fight ISIS

President Donald Trump is taking an objective approach in his goal to ensure that ISIS terror group is eliminated. Unlike Obama who appeared to employs half measures in his fight against the terror group, President Trump has emphasized that he is willing to work with Russian or any other nation is ensuring that the U.S. can eradicate terrorist group with allies that share common national interest.

Sean Spicer is President Trump’s press secretary, speaking to reporters, he made it clear that the new President would only send troops and money into a country only if it was of benefit to the US economically as well as on the national security front.

A report issued by The Express, the press secretary made it clear that the President is very clear that he will work with any nation that shares the same interest as the U.S. in eliminating the ISIS, adding that it’s not just the national security but also in the economic realm. Adding that the U.S. should work with someone to create better economic access and spread economic growth and allow US small business and companies.

Mr. Spicer also clarified on the issue of seeing war as a monetary opportunity, adding that President Trump would make a call on which countries to send troops to, based on the funds as well as the potential loss of life that is involved. He also added that if there’s a way to combat ISIS with any nation, Russia or anyone else, and there’s a shared national interest, then there’s enough reasons to go ahead.

President Trump is disappointed by the approach that the U.S. has been taking by going into war with a lot of man power and money, and in many cases, it loses both. He therefore intends to make sure that the U.S. interest is protected so that if the U.S. is going to war, it must be getting something out of it.

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