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Whilst planning his 12-day Presidential trip in Asia, the White House administration warned foreign dignitaries that President Trump doesn’t like to take any risks when it comes to food or visits. In other words, the man knows what he likes: hamburgers and golf.

During his visit to Japan, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe gave him exactly what he wanted.

For this reason, one of the things that stood out during President Trump’s visit to Japan, was the decision of Mr Abe and Mr Trump to play a round of golf and eat some hamburgers together.

The business owner of a small Tokyo hamburger restaurant who provided the meal to the President and the Prime Minister, Munch’s Burger Shack, has been given a huge PR opportunity.

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The hamburger that was served to the American President, the “Colby Jack Cheese Burger“, is a very affordable Presidential meal at $10 and was sold out by 2:30 pm yesterday both in the Shiba and Toranomon stand, after a news segment on Japanese TV revealed where the golf course meal had come from.

Chef Yanagisawa, who was present at the golf course to prepare the meal for the two world leaders, explained that President Trump shook his hand afterwards and said “very good.”

The “Colby Jack Cheese Burger“ is made using 100-percent American Angus beef patties and is famous for being juicy and delicious.

Perhaps this can indeed be seen as non-respecting the Japanese cuisine (as all late night shows in the US have been saying over these past few days), but right now the general public got nice images and videos, whereas when George Bush senior visited, he almost choked on some sushi. So maybe a wise decision then?


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Anonymous No. 11369 1510152362

Say what you will, but this guy brings business. Bet those burger shop owners like him now.

Anonymous No. 11386 1510156792

absolutely agree

Anonymous No. 11393 1510167623

Abe and Donald make alliance even greater!

Anonymous No. 11402 1510182183

Of course the president of the United States would ask for a burger.

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