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Former Israeli PM Barak Gave Harvey Weinstein Information on Israeli Firm to Combat Allegations

The Harvey Weinstein story just continues to become more interesting with each passing hour as it exposes several high ranking foreign intelligence agencies and now reaches the former Israeli Prime Minister.

The new allegations are somewhat stunning if not mind-blowing in showing just how connected Harvey Weinstein actually was.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak gave Weinstein inside information that helped him reach out to the Israeli Firm <i>”Black Cube”</i> in order to investigate the women female actresses who had accused him of sexual assault and the journalists who were assisting in their efforts to expose Weinstein.

This shocking claim is backed up by <a href=" ">Haaretz</a>, which underscores just how many people are disgusted with Weinstein and his actions to the point that he's being devoured by both American and Israeli press.

This comes after the groundbreaking report from <a href="">Ronan Farrow in The New Yorker </a>that Harvey Weinstein had received assistance from Israeli Mossad agents as well in which he had a network of spies working for him.

Just how stunning are these revelations that an American citizen, Harvey Weinstein, was using foreign intelligence agencies to hunt and stalk other Americans?

That's outright treasonous, to say the least, and the notion that the former Israeli Prime Minister himself was connected to assisting Weinstein in doing so?

Words cannot begin to express the disdain for the Israeli intelligence agency thy Americans feel in light of these revelations, especially since the United States of America gives the nation of Israel well over $13 million <i>each and every day</i> for them to in return target American citizens?

Call it what you will but it's an extraordinary development.

Ronan Farrow’s report alone was breathtaking, stating that the Mossad agents of whom assisted Weinstein through Black Cube were “highly experienced and trained in Israel’s elite military and governmental intelligence units.”

It appears Black Cube targeted Rose McGowan as well, in an effort to silence her new book from releasing important details on the Jewish Hollywood behemoth; which brings about a series of interesting questions.

Several social media outlets including Twitter infamously tried to hush Rose McGowan by shutting down her account if only temporarily; and the outcry from the public was filled with such rage that Twitter was forced to apologize, explain itself, and reinstate Rose Mcgowan’s account.

One can only wonder if Black Cube or the Mossad assisted or pressured Twitter in their efforts?

Certainly, it seems the Israeli intelligence presence inside of America is no doubt more powerful than most would like to admit or believe.

That should be very concerning to American citizens, of which are clearly being targeted inside their own nation by a foreign entity which not only threatens their security but the sovereignty of America.

The former Prime Minister of Israel released a statement on his behalf saying, “Over a year ago, he was asked by Weinstein if he knows about an Israeli security firm that Weinstein had heard about and can help him deal with business issues he's currently facing.”

It went on to say, “Barak confirmed to Weinstein that the firm he heard about was probably Black Cube and that it does operate from Israel. Barak does not personally know the firm or its officials, and he only transferred to Weinstein information that allowed him to reach out to them on his own.”

That's really not enough, and if true that Harvey Weinstein is facing a criminal case or possibly more than one could we see the Former Israeli Prime Minister testifying in those cases?

The former Israeli Prime Minister should immediately issue a more explanatory statement regarding these allegations, and in such the Israeli Mossad must be removed from America.

Foreign spies must be physically removed, at all costs, or else America is no longer safe for its own people.

Ehud Barak apparently not only played a role in leading Weinstein to Black Cube to harass these Americans, but Weinstein even invited Barak and the head of Black Cube to a Hillary Clinton fundraiser together showing just how close they actually were.

It also brings about the sudden revelation that Hillary Clinton was tied to Israeli intelligence firms clearly at least by the means of this fundraiser if not for other dastardly deeds.

Black Cube has issued its own half-assed response, simply refusing to comment on its own clients and also said that “speculations” aren't entitled to a response.

Unfortunately for Black Cube, the United States of America is a sovereign nation and if they operated in the means of spying on Americans they should be charged in a Federal Court.

As explained in Ronan Farrow’s detailed release, Black Cube has a very grimy if not disturbing way of acquiring information through both blackmail and deception.

Some would say they're an outright terrorist organization if not a Mafia with how they operate.

David Boes, Weinstein’s high-powered elite defense attorney is also tied to Black Cube and offered them “financial incentives” for silencing articles from ever seeing the light of day.

This is one of the many reasons that certain groups of people would like to censor the internet and shut down free press; because it's almost impossible to get independent media to cower to the demands of the elite in order to protect them.

What lengths exactly would ex-Mossad and Black Cube go to in order to stop something from going into a printed publication?

It's definitely not legal, whatever those methods may be.

It's believed that Black Cube not only would compile psychological profiles of the women accusing Weinstein so that they could then try to manipulate them first, and potentially later blackmail them, but apparently, they'd dig into their family and personal histories enough that even those related to the women could have been harassed.

It truly resembles the extortion tactics of a crime family, and in fact, I'm not sure how else you'd define it.

Weinstein apparently spent a lot of cash to protect his rapes and sexual assaults, also hiring the corporate-intelligence firm Kroll to act in the same fashion.

As if that wasn't enough he personally used ex-Mossad agents who worked for Black Cube to pose as a women's rights activist and get close to Rose McGowan.

What exactly was their plan if Rose had announced her refusal to cooperate? Would they have killed her?

Fortunately Rose played the game well as she must have been alert that her safety was a threat since she kept it close to herself whether she'd make a deal before finally coming clean and ranting on Twitter where the revelations spread like wildfire.

Apparently the female ex-Mossad agent also then later met with the Journalists who were intent on exposing Weinstein in order to lie and claim that she too had been sexually assaulted in what appears to be an effort to get close to those journalists.

What Weinstein is guilty of doing in hiring these agencies, and what the spies and even the former Prime Minister of Israel have done in order to assist needs to be brought before the Justice Department immediately.

When they say Weinstein was bringing down the House of Cards, he truly was and then some.

It's only going to get uglier before it gets better now, with so many elites and foreign governments now involved in protecting one man; Harvey Weinstein.

Grab your popcorn.

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