By: Kyle James | 11-08-2017 | News
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Toddler Drowned As Drunk Father Passed Out

A man in Pennsylvania has been charged with passing out drunk and allowing his toddler son to wander off and drown. Authorities say, David Gammon, 35, has been charged with involuntary manslaughter and child endangerment for the death of his 2-year-old son Anakin Gammon.

In an interview with investigators, Gammon said he was "sipping" on a Four Loko when he took Anakin and his older brother outside in September but ended up passing out. Police say it was while he slept that his two children wandered away from their home in Sharon.

A neighbor discovered Gammon after another one of his children ran over to tell him their father fell asleep in the yard and the two tots were missing. They filed a missing person report with the police for the two children, the elder of which has special needs. Police found the 5-year-old a few blocks from Gammon's home but Anakin was found in a backyard swimming pool several more blocks away.

Anakin was unresponsive when he was found and emergency responders attempted to revive him but were unsuccessful. He was pronounced dead at the hospital and his death was ruled a drowning. That is when authorities filed charges against Gammon for involuntary manslaughter and child endangerment.

The court documents say, "There is probable cause that David Gammon was reckless in consuming enough alcohol while caring for his children, that he lost consciousness allowing them to wander from the property."

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Anonymous No. 11373 2017-11-08 : 14:54

You can tell he shouldn't have kids just by looking at him. Dad?

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