By: Earnest Jones | 01-24-2017 | News
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Hungary Plans to Crack Down on All Soros-Funded NGO's

Everyone is fed up with the malicious and crooked George Soros who thinks he can control nearly every nation through his corrupt organizations. In a report issued by the deputy head of Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s party, Hungary has unleashed plans to crack down on all non-governmental organizations that are linked to billionaire George Soros following President Trump’s occupation in the White House.

Hungary has pledged to use all the tools at its disposal in ensuring that it sweeps out NGO's that are funded by the Hungarian-born corrupt financier. This is based on the fact that the organizations only serve global capitalists and back political correctness over national governments. The vice president of the ruling Fidesz party made it clear.

The state news service MTI reported that Nemeth feels that there is an opportunity for the world to eliminate Soros influence now that Trump has already been elected. A bill that seeks to allow authorities to audit NGO executives in accordance to parliament’s legislative agenda will be discussed by lawmakers.

The first European leader to back Trump’s campaign was Orban, he’s continuously ignored critics from the European Commission and Obama for building a self-described illiberal state modeled on authoritarian regimes such as Turkey, China and Russia.

Back in 2014, Orban ordered the state audit aagency to probe foundations by Norway and said that civil society groups financed from abroad were covers for paid political activism. His administration has frequently signaled out NGO's that are supported by Soros since he knows very well that the corrupt currency manipulator is a major donor of the U.S. Democratic Party and he has a wide network of organizations that promote democracy in formerly communist eastern Europe.

The 86-year-old corrupt and malicious billionaire has been accused of being part of a global power structure by President Trump, as he added that the global structure is responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed the working class and stripped off the country of its wealth and put that money in the hands of political entities and large corporations.

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