By: Kaoru Moulton | 11-07-2017 | News
Photo credit: Orange County Sheriff's Department

College Shooting Threat: " Am I going to go on a killing spree with you"?

David Kenneth Smith, 39-years-old, was arrested at his West Hollywood apartment.

"Every day I wake up the same way. Am I going to go on a killing spree with you?"

There are a few "Target", which are actually perfect for "Shopping Spree" places, around the "Soka University", which is a small, Japanese religion-related liberal arts college.

Smith had been a student at Soka University nine years ago.

Smith had been emailing a staff member back and forth. And it was becoming "threatening," said OCSD Lt. John Macpherson.

The title monologue is what he posted on his Youtube video. He also posted rants about dorm life, about his job as a journalist and, oddly, about mass shootings.

He also said in the video,

"Every time there's a shooting it's black and white evidence that your society is failing and has failed because people wouldn't be killing people otherwise, you see."

Next 48 hours, the investigation was being conducted quickly. Authorities found out that Smith was unemployed and lived with his mother. He had no criminal record. Also, they found out that some legally registered weapons are in Smith's possession. A judge issued an arrest warrant, and he was arrested.

"If he had followed through, it could have been tragic," Macpherson said. "Maybe it wasn't Soka; maybe he was angry at somebody else. It could have been tragic, and it could have been much worse."

So if you have so many weapons, even if they are legally registered, people think it's obviously "crazy". Then why do you think it is so "normal" for Walmart to sell guns?

It is absolutely people who kill people, not the gun itself. However, any of those crazy/angry folks couldn't buy any of those mass killing weapons, less many innocent people would not have to die.


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Anonymous No. 11339 2017-11-08 : 07:20

There is a major mental health issue in the world which is getting increasingly worse.

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