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Selma Police Stop Gunman From Murdering Business Owner Mid-Robbery in Alabama

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Police in Selma, Alabama made an amazing halt to a robbery in progress potentially saving the life of a business owner who was trying to make an ATM cash deposit in Downtown Selma.

Selma Police Chief Spencer Collier and Dallas County District Attorney Michael Jackson said this robbery is only the latest in a string of crime which has swept the Downtown area where multiple robberies have occurred and life is incredibly dangerous due to vile thugs who threaten the sanctity of the city.

Early Monday morning Selma Police Sergeant Michael Kiser was assigned to his downtown surveillance detail that was part of a joint operation between Selma Police Department's Major Crimes and Narcotics divisions as a response to the sudden increase in criminal actions in the region.

As Kiser was sitting in an unmarked patrol car in plain clothes as part of the operation, he witnessed two men walking southbound on Broad Street and Selma Avenue.

Oddly enough the two men were dressed head to toe in heavy winter attire with one of the men wearing a hood pulled tightly over his face so none of it was visible.

While in some places that may have been normal, in Selma it was incredibly warm that day which raised suspicions for Kiser.

Sergeant Kiser then turned his car South into Broad Street in hopes that he could maintain a visual on the two potential suspects without being seen.

That's when he saw the men open the back door to a green Nissan car and hop into the back seat.

According to Selma Police Chief Spencer Collier, that vehicle belonged to the victim, who was about to be robbed by the two perpetrators.

As the car pulled into the PNC Bank it pulled up beside the ATM.

That's when Sergeant Kiser saw the victim back away from the ATM and throw his hands up into the air, according to District Attorney Jackson.

"The victim threw his hands up and told them they could take everything,'' Jackson said.

Quick thinking from Sergeant Kiser was to draw his weapon and identify himself as Selma Police, at which time he demanded the two criminals get into the ground.

Fortunately Sergeant Jeff Hardy was close enough to Kiser assigned as a backup detail and it ensured a quick takedown and apprehension of the two criminals without incident.

The victim exclaimed, “You saved my life! Thank God! Thank you!”

Once the District Attorney and Police Chief finalized the investigation they determined that the victim had just completed a bank deposit, and since he didn't have cash on hand the suspects forced him to drive to the ATM and then they were going to force him to go across the Edmund Pettus Bridge back to his business to get even more money so that they could take it.

As it turns out neither of the men had firearms but had threatened the driver claiming they did and for fear of his life he complied with their demands.

The two suspects, 24-year-old Derrick Antoine Posey, and 25-year-old David Hollis Carter both originated in Selma and had extensive criminal backgrounds.

The pair of criminals admitted to police that they demanded cash and a “ride” from the victim.

The duo was charged with second-degree robbery and are now being detained on a $1 million bond in the Dallas County Jail; as ordered by District Judge Robert Armstrong.

District Attorney Jackson said, “Fortunately, these gunslingers are falling like dominoes.”

According to Police Chief Carter despite the admission of guilt and the arrests, this is still an active investigation and that both Carter and Posey may be involved in other robberies in the area.


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