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Drone Footage Captures Shooting at “Boosie Badazz” aka “Lil’ Boosie” Concert in California

Thug life? Or just wild animals.

Either way you look at it the increasingly violent culture that surrounds the “gangsta rap” world continues to show that some people are indeed “‘bout that life”.

Recently at a “Lil’ Boosie” concert in California, those claims were only echoed further when shots were fired outside of the venue.

The event occurred at the Choppers Den Motorcycle Club in Gardena, California where the gunman opened fire at around midnight on November 3rd.

Two people were shot before law enforcement could arrive at the scene and as you can see in the video below the attendees scattered like cockroaches as soon as it began.

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None of the victim's injuries was life-threatening as a result of the shooting, however, no suspect has been apprehended yet either.

Gardena in general and most of Southern California is a hotbed of gang activity and shootings which occur so often they're commonplace in these societies.

Still, people idolize and worship the gangster rap lifestyle and the actions of the “artists” involved in that scene.

This is quite common in the criminal underworld where talentless thugs yap into a microphone wearing chains and tattooed head to toe as if somehow their life of crime equals respect or honor.

In fact, the attempts at glorifying these wrongdoing animals in part contribute to the increasing high school dropout rates amongst black males who oftentimes end up in prison at rates higher than any other culture of Americans.

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No, it's not racism that puts them behind bars or forced them to choose to break the law, it's ignorance and wanting to be like these individuals as if they're somehow heroes when in fact they're not.

Unfortunately for them, however criminal negligence isn't something worth praising, and this is a nation of law and order.

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One has to wonder why in the world so many people continue to set goals of becoming a gangbanger who deals drugs and commits terrorism as a worthy career to pursue?

It begins with lowlife rappers and the Hollywood filth that attempts to glorify criminals and degeneracy then flows over into the lack of proper parenting that occurs in much of the black community.

The facts aren't racist, and the sales and fame of rappers like Lil’ Boosie who portray a gangster-like character only further underscore that there is a serious problem occurring on the home front and in the inner cities.

It's about damn time that more voices (and there are some) speak up and attempt to make a change in those communities to better the people and end the madness.

In Chicago every couple of minutes someone is shot. In Atlanta, there's a homicide every day. In Oakland the same.

You constantly have rich black athletes virtue signalling disrespecting America and the Flag versus actually doing something to contribute to the change.

Instead, the motto is “blame the white man” and have zero accountability. All the while glorifying criminals and thugs.

That does absolutely nothing to help the inner cities. I dare those athletes to go into the “hood” with their millions of dollars and try and help make a change.

That's real courage. That's something to respect.

Not just some sportsball player yapping in front of cameras in order to virtue signal without any actual change or effort to get their hands dirty in making those changes.

It's truly a sad state of affairs in America where these types of Democratic infested cities are vocally outspoken in their efforts to shut down pro-Trump groups yet do nothing to repair their own towns and communities.

Take a look at the suburbs surrounding large cities.

Outside Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio in every community, there are boarded up windows and drugs plaguing the people.

Outside of Detroit and surrounding communities, there are thousands suffering who have almost nothing and no opportunity.

In Chicago, you have one of the deadliest cities in America that simultaneously has some of the toughest gun laws and the response from Democrats about the problem is to blame other states saying that's where the guns come from.

That's where the majority of the blacks who have no responsibility get their characteristics from; they've learned for decades from their welfare state leaders to blame everyone else.

They don't realize however that middle America and hardworking people of every creed, color, an innuendo are tired and fed up.

The gravy train is running dry, and they're genociding their own at this point.

Maybe Lil’ Boosie aka Boosie Badazz will save them? Maybe LeBron James is going to donate his annual hundreds of millions from his salary and shoe sales to rebuild their cities?

No? That's not happening? I didn't think so.

The black community and America must find a solution that works.

So far, nothing has; and things continue to get worse.


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