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Bodies of 26 Teen Girls Found in Mediterranean Believed to be Child Sex Trafficking Victims

A horrific story is now being reported that Italian Authorities have located the dead bodies of 26 teenaged girls who they say were likely victims of child sex trafficking in the Mediterranean Sea.

A Spanish Military ship came across the children's corpses which were found on a boat which was lead by an Egyptian Man and a Libyan, who have both since been detained along with five other crew members.

It's often the case for human traffickers to transport these innocent child victims via boat to their destination where they are raped and tortured in order for the human trafficking gang’s profit margins.

In some cases, victims of the human trafficking who want to escape to Europe also pay members of the gangs extreme amounts of money they've saved and hidden during their enslavement to flee the hardships in the countries they're forced to work as sex slaves in.

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It's believed that the majority of the 26 children are either from Nigeria or Niger and they were between the ages of 14 and 18 and undoubtedly seeking some sort of asylum in Europe to flee their war-torn and criminally ravaged places of forced labor.

Many of these ships are poorly equipped to deal with medical emergencies and disease and often times entire boats of victims are lost at sea due to the spread of easily avoidable contaminants and illnesses that are deadly when there are no antibiotics or medical supplies to treat them.

Although a boat with 26 bodies is a bit more dramatic which leads the Italian authorities to believe that there's much more occurring here.

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Each of the bodies will now be examined postmortem in order to determine if the girls were either victims of sexual assault or raped prior to their deaths.

The bodies are currently being held in the refrigerated section of the Spanish warship to retain any medical evidence that can lead to a final conclusion in this case.

"It's a tragedy. The prosecutor's office will begin looking into it immediately," said the Prefect at the southern port of Salerno, Salvatore Malfi. "We will need to see whether there are suspects to concentrate on or whether the murder inquiry will proceed against persons unknown."

According to Salvatore Malfi, the bodies were piled up next to a rubber dinghy on the side of the boat as if they were rubbish or waste.

It truly brings a spotlight to the terrifying trade of child sex trafficking and human trafficking that occurs across the globe with little to no attention.


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Anonymous No. 11326 2017-11-07 : 23:27

All girls? Come on! These traffickers need to be hunted down where they do business, infiltrated and erased with extreme prejudice.

Anonymous No. 11341 2017-11-08 : 07:23

Maybe they can hire a deep web assassin to take the pieces of shit out who did this to those poor girls

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