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Weinstein Used Ex-Mossad Agents To Counteract Allegations

Harvey Weinstein knew for a long time that something was coming. The famous New York Times article at the beginning of last month which started the whole #Metoo movement and which meant the downfall of stars like Spacey and Rattner was long overdue apparently.

Companies providing, shall we say, special services were hired by Mr Weinstein to try and counteract these allegations that he would have assaulted various women as early as the late summer of 2016, or almost a year before the fall from grace would take place.

The firms that were hired are called Kroll, one of the larger corporate intelligence companies worldwide, and Black Cube, a firm where Weinstein must have felt right at home as it is run by former officers of the Israeli secret service Mossad. Among the skills Black Cube offers to clients are “highly experienced and trained in Israel’s elite military and governmental intelligence units.”

Black Cube’s goal was to stop, if at all possible, the printing of the New York Times piece which they then knew already was coming.

Mr David Boies, a lawyer for Weinstein who also represented Al Gore in the 2000 presidential election, admits signing the Black Cube contract, though he now says that hiring them was a mistake: We should not have been contracting with and paying investigators that we did not select and direct. At the time, it seemed a reasonable accommodation for a client, but it was not thought through, and that was my mistake. It was a mistake at the time.”

During meetings, Weinstein started mentioning Black Cube in conversations with both his business associates and attorneys.

According to him, they were doing counterintelligence on business rivals, trying to obtain successful legal judgments, something the company did in the past. Though some of his lawyers advised against continuing on this path, Weinstein continued.

Sources that have leaked the story to The New Yorker says that the ex-Mossad agency continues to support their decision to do this kind of work for Weinstein, stating that in the beginning all they were doing was being focused on his business rivals.

However, even the earliest of lists that were provided to Weinstein by Black Cube included both actresses and journalists.

In any case, if Mr Weinstein goes to court and all expectations are in place that this should happen, he seems well prepared to counteract.


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Anonymous No. 11306 2017-11-07 : 16:17

Wait, are they Jewish or something?

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