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US Marine Corps ‘Toys For Tots’ Santa Claus Caught Red-Handed, with a Crack Pipe

“Dashing through the snow, in a one horse open sleigh, over the hills we go, laughing all the way ha ha ha ha.”

We all know the jingles of that time of year when we get to see Chris Cringle.

It has a brand meaning in one New Jersey town however in 2017, where Santa doesn't just soar across the sky in his sleigh with his reindeer to deliver toys, no sir, this Santa Claus gets higher than the rest when doing it.

According to the South Hackensack Police Department, they made a routine traffic stop along route 46 on Monday and the driver; well he sort of resembled Santa Claus.

To the officer's dismay, 66 year old Charles Smith, of Pompton Lakes didn't just resemble Santa, but he <i>in fact was Santa Claus</i>, who was a retired man that now serves for the United States Marine Corps ‘Toys For Tots’ program as, well duh, Santa Claus!

This off duty Santa however wasn't just a jolly old man with a belly full of jelly, not at all; in fact this was a quack who let kids sit in his lap and right beside him was a pipe in which he smoked crack.

Seriously though, I can't rhyme, I don't know why I'm wasting my time; but the officer undoubtedly realized that stopping this sleigh driver was for the common good when he noticed a crack pipe sitting beside the Santa costume in the car.

According to the arrest report, Smith not only had a crack pipe, but several empty baggies which contained crack and heroin residue along with a hypodermic needle which was found in the backseat.

Talk about a stocking stuffer.

Police confirmed that Smith was employed with the Picatinny Arsenal of the United States Marine Corps where he would play the role of Santa Claus, but the branch now says they'll no longer be employee the <i>Bad Santa</i> in light of recent events.

One parent when asked about the incident was quite upset, and others said that the Marine Corps should perform background checks to prevent this from occurring again.

“Visiting Santa should be a happy joyful experience,” Mary Sorvino said, “Need to be better vetted.”

“They have sat in their laps. Don’t know who these people are, and are trusting their kids with them for a few minutes,” Fernando Colon told <a href="">local news affiliate CBS 2</a>.

Reporters from the local media located Smith’s home on Ackerman Place in Pompton Lakes, but no one answered the door when they knocked.

It could be possible Santa was locked away in a closet… Or a chimney somewhere, maybe having his elves build a new pipe in the workshop.

Smith is however scheduled for a court appearance later this week where it's unknown if he's yet retained an attorney.

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James Brady No. 11473 2017-11-10 : 00:36

He is not an employe of the Marine Corps, Picatinny Aresenal or Toys for Tots ! He is railroader, Who is probably getting railroaded for covering up for a relative who left that in his car!! Charlie is not a drug addict or child abuser! I have known him for many years! Don’t jump to conclusions without all the facts!!!

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