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After Meeting with President Trump, Japan to Impose New Sanctions on North Korea

President Trump has enjoyed his extended stay in Japan with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe thus far; and the pair seemingly have made major progress on geopolitical context as well as strengthening the ties between the two allies not only economically and militarily but in the sense of building a legitimate friendship.

During the visit which has seemingly been a major success North Korea and the rogue Dictator Kim Jong Un have likely been a topic of discussion at every meeting.

Not only has the Nork madman threatened Japan by launching intercontinental ballistic missiles into the vicinity of Japan's boundaries but has often sent them over Japan which is a major jab into the Japanese sovereignty and puts the nation at risk.

What if the repeated defiance from North Korea, who chooses to launch missile tests despite international sanctions, goes wrong and hits Japan?

What of one of those missiles lands in a Japanese city or breaks apart in the skies above?

Many Japanese could die.

Theoretically Japan had the right to blast some of those missiles out of the sky, or even strike North Korea in defense while they continue to pursue weapons of mass destruction setting the world onto the edge of their seats.

So far however Japan has shown great restraint, outside of condemning North Korea; because if they were to act swiftly a global conflict would be underway.

While Japan has promoted pacifism for nearly three quarters of a century, their patience has its limits.

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Now it seems Japan has decided to impose brand new sanctions against North Korea during the visit with President Trump; to not only signal unity between America and Japan to the Chinese and North Korean regimes, but to let the world know we are unified against the madman.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said that the new sanctions will freeze the assets of nine organizations and 26 individuals, something that Shinzo Abe and Donald Trump hinted would be coming in a joint news conference on Monday.

“The North Korean missile and nuclear issue is a pressing threat unseen before. Its provocative actions, in which it has ignored the severe warnings of international society, are totally unacceptable,” he said.

During the press conference Monday President Trump said that “North Korea's ballistic missile launches over Japan are a threat to the civilized world,” and that America will always stand in solidarity with Japan.

America can tout these new sanctions as a resurgence of American military might in the Pacific, which once Japan changes its own constitution will be a shocking process for China to accept who has long feared the Japanese and their imperial past.

Japan still has the seventh most powerful military on Earth despite being a pacifist nation, and could assume a dominant role where China has tried to fill the void.

Prime Minister Abe and President Trump have thus far dominated the left wing media as they attempt to propagate more lies over any tiny fallacies that come about from the overseas visit to the Japanese Capital, and so far have failed miserably in trying to smear the President of the United States of America.

The Japanese people love President Trump, and Trump supporters love the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

During the visit there have been somewhat coy moments filled with longstanding memories, such as the infamous koi pond feedings that have sparked memes on both the American social media networks and the Japanese social media networks respectively.

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It brings to sense the lighthearted and honest friendship between the two leaders, and the show of unity between the Japanese and American people that will forever be an unbreakable bond.

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The unity between America and Japan is one that seeks out strong Nationalist policies in which the two nations can reflect upon one another and assist in the process of defeating international Communism and Cultural Marxism, that of which historically Japan has set out to pursue.

Not only does Shinzo Abe enjoy an overwhelming majority support from the Japanese people, but the recent “snap election” victory in Japan has given Shinzo Abe the ability to push forth and potentially change the Japanese Constitution to once make Japan an international military superpower, which President Trump encourages as America desperately needs the assistance in the Pacific and the pressures on Red China to slow their growth.

On the economic front it is the goal of President Trump to negotiate increased importing of American made products into Japan.

If Japan is the ally it claims and wants to forge a high quality partnership between itself and America, the American people desperately need the Japanese to buy American goods and services.

The way the visit is going thus far, with both the President of the United States of America and the Prime Minister of Japan laughing and having time of leisure as well as being able to hammer out tough deals; we can hope that there is a successful trade negotiation underway as well.


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