By: Earnest Jones | 01-23-2017 | News

Trump Announces New "Missile Defense System" Against Iran And North Korea

Shortly after being sworn into office, President Donald Trump made an announcement that his administration will develop a state of the art missile defense system to protect Americans against attacks from Iran and North Korea.

This announcement was posted on the White House website minutes after the inauguration. However, the announcement did not provide any details as to how the new weapons defense system would be different from the current systems that are already in place, the difference in terms of cost and the exact deployment dates.

The development of missile defense systems has been a controversial issue both for Bush and Obama. The two allegedly designed missile defense systems to defend Americans from Iranian missile attacks. However, the systems were designed to surround Russia and act as an elimination of the ability to retaliate. These missile systems have been a concern for Russia. Unlike his predecessors, President Trump understands that he has a legitimate duty to ensure that Americans are protected from any threats and as a result he's set the appropriate measures in place.

Based on the fact that the North Korean missile defense system is more logically justified and possibly warranted, considering the American interests and presence in South Korea, the Iranian defense shield is also justified due to the countries aggressive approach in the recent past.

President Trump has severally pointed out that he intends to re-negotiate the Iran-nuclear deal with a better deal. The main stream media has played softball with Obama's war policies for eight years. However, the Huffington Post saw it fit to post an article by Ryan Costello of the National Iranian American Council that was titled ''could Trump Stumble Into An Iran War? This clearly points out to the fears that the leftist press has suddenly launched into editorial panicking due to the possibility of war with Iran shortly after Trump inauguration. This comes despite the eight years of supporting imperialism, war, and the march toward a third world war under the Obama administration.

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