By: Kyle James | 11-06-2017 | News
Photo credit: Champagne County Sheriff

His Girlfriend Refused To Marry Him, So He Snapped Her Neck

A man in Berks County, Pennsylvania has been arrested after he violently murdered his girlfriend after she refused to marry him. Upper Macungie Police say, Christopher R. Tucker, 34, has been charged with murder and criminal homicide after he snapped the neck of his 19-year-old girlfriend, Tara Serino.

The murder occurred when Tucker asked Serino to marry him while she was visiting his Berks County home late Monday or early Tuesday. Serino told him no and that she had been sleeping with other men, she then made a comment saying that Tucker should kill her and kill her he did.

That is when police say Tucker snapped on Serino and choked her until he believed he had killed her but he didn't stop there. Next Tucker gouged out her eyes, snapped her neck and beat her with a hatchet before wrapping her body in a rug and fleeing to Illinois.

Tucker was captured in Champaign County, Illinois after trying to break into a farmer's combine at a truck stop. He was taken to a local hospital for evaluation where police executed a warrant for his arrest issued by the Pennsylvania State Police.

Tucker ended up confessing to police detectives and told them where to find Serino's body. He is currently in the process of being transported back to Pennsylvania.

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