By: Kaouru Moulton | 11-07-2017 | News
Photo credit: Polk County Jail

Horse riding woman in Florida charged with DUI

A woman was riding on a horse down a busy highway and has been arrested. She was 53 years and was drinking.

According to Polk County Sheriff’s official's, someone called 911 and said a woman appeared in a very confused state. When the police arrived they found that Donna Byrne was riding her horse on the road.

She needed to take the sobriety test. Her registered blood-alcohol level was .161.

Florida’s legal limit is .08, so this is more than double.

Byrne is charged with DUI and animal neglect.

Deputies took the horse to the Polk County Sheriff’s Animal Control livestock facility.

She was lucky that someone caught her. So was her horse. But I wonder if she was not drunk, she wouldn't have been arrested?

Interesting in the US is that the police is still using horses in some counties. You still see pedestrian-control signal positioned much higher place which is actually for horse riders. Guns are so easy to buy in this country, and horses to ride are still here and there.

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