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We could just imagine how excruciating it must have been for Hillary Clinton to attend President Donald Trump's Inauguration on Friday. Not only for the fact that she was booed by the crowd, but because each time she looked at the stage as Trump takes his oath as the 45th President of the U.S., the piercing thought that bothered her at every turn must have been " it could have been me right there", or "I could have been making history by now as America's first female president." Unfortunately for Hillary, it was an occasion that painfully reminded her not only of her crushed dream of becoming President and her humiliating loss to President Trump, but also because she witnessed yet again another slap to her face of husband Bill Clinton's propensity for betrayal.

An intriguing short video clip involving Bill and Hillary Clinton during the inauguration widely circulated the online world. The under 20-seconder video clips shows Hillary laughing at the start with Michelle Obama as they watch proceedings on the stage. All eyes were on the direction of the stage facing the guests except for a pair: that of Bill Clinton. The former president was seen looking sideways, and very intently at that. He appeared to be greatly appreciating whatever-or whoever- he was looking on based on the visibly pleased expression on his face. At one point, he could even be seen biting his lip, and muttering something.

Social media users went crazy over the clip and immediately speculated that the former president was checking out Ivanka Trump. Netizens lost no time either laughing at the matter or heavily criticizing Bill Clinton for his "unchanged" ways, a not so subtle hit on his history of infidelities and scandalous womanizing ways in the past, including illicit affairs during his presidency.

In the same clip, Hillary was shown suddenly turning to her right and seeing his rather preoccupied husband's wandering gaze, and knowing that same instance that his attention was not on the stage. Hillary turned fierce and gave her husband dagger looks, but he was simply too dense- or too taken by what he's focusing on-to even notice his wife's obvious displeasure and disapproval. In the end, Hillary was forced to just revert her attention to the actual event on the stage.

The video did not provide a cut away to conclusively establish what Bill could have been looking at. But netizens were quick to conclude and slow to forgive Bill with his long history of womanizing, infidelities and scandalous affairs. One social media user described the Democrat as "old dog sticking to his old tricks", another using a line from a classic Elvis Presley song said "ain't nothing but a hound dog", another admonished " never change, Bill, never change." Yet, one of the most striking comments said it was a " fitting ending" to the Clintons, in reference to the 1998 huge Monica Lewinsky scandal, the White House intern then President Bill Clinton had an affair with that triggered an impeachment attempt against him.

Some netizens also speculated that Bill could have been ogling at First Lady Melania instead. More believed it was Ivanka who caught Bill's admiring, lingering stare. Ivanka incidentally wore a similar impeccable white pantsuit Hillary has become known for, the same signature look she wore to the inauguration. It is not clear, though, if the "Bill checking out a woman" incident became a subject of disagreement between husband and wife when they went home, possibly adding to Hillary's already heavy and battered broken heart that historic day.

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Bill probably didnt even vote for his hag wife. Glad she didnt win.

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