By: Savannah Smith | 01-23-2017 | News
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Spencer's Supporters Offer $3,000 Bounty To Identify His Inauguration Attacker

The guy who attacked alt-right activist and leader Richard Spencer during President Trump's Inauguration on Friday may have prematurely and foolishly celebrated his ' victory' for having punched his hated person, and literally getting away with it. But he better think again as Spencer's numerous supporters and followers will simply not allow the attacker to go scot-free without being made to answer for his crime.

Aside from their immediate social media efforts in looking for and identifying the attacker following the uncalled for and condemnable violent incident, Spencer's supporters have brought their search-and-identify efforts to WeSearchr, an "information marketplace" site that describes its purpose for being as a " journalistic enterprise that publishes information of journalistic value that is in the public interest."

Spencer's supporters are asking the public through WeSearchr to provide useful, verified and credible information to identify Spencer's attacker. In just an hour since the call was posted, it reached the minimum required bounty of $500, and in just 12 hours garnered 71 contributors and raised $3,010.

The funding is still open as the call says the more money it raises, the bigger the incentive for anyone to provide the needed answers to the attacker's identity. The post puts the blame of the attack to " violent communists, anarchists and leftists known as antifa who were out in full force destroying the city" during President Trump's Inauguration. Spencer's followers say the attack on the alt-right movement leader not just harmed Spencer, but also violated the First Amendment which protects every American's right to speak his mind. Spencer was freely being interviewed by ABC News on the streets of Washington on Friday when he was hit by the attacker. The attacker was caught on camera, although his face was partially hidden by a mask.

Spencer's supporters believe he was attacked for his views- whether for his pro-Trump stance or his alt-right leanings which his critics say espouse white supremacy. They now ask who would become the next target of those violent thugs simply for expressing opposing, "evil" views, as they caution the public that anyone can fall victim to such assaults. The post also makes a passionate plea to citizens that violent criminals like Spencer's attacker should not be exposed, coddled and forgotten but should instead face the law for their crimes.

WeSearchr will be accepting fully documented evidence or investigation identifying " beyond reasonable doubt" the unidentified attacker who " sucker punched" Richard B. Spencer. Photographs, social media profiles, video, audio, physical evidence are just some of the pieces of evidence that will be accepted, as well as an accompanying report detailing an investigation that can conclusively identify the suspect.

Spencer has shared the WeSearchr post on his Twitter account. WeSeachr works by asking a question then people funding it through online contributions, and once a minimum bounty is reached, given a set deadline, it is open for anyone from journalists, researchers, whistleblowers, etc. to give credible information on the given subject.

Immediately after the attack on Spencer last Friday, his supporters and followers spread and shared the attacker's photograph on social media in an effort to track him down and identify him. Members and followers of also started doxing the attacker. Some followers named possible persons ,but they have not been accepted by Spencer or his close supporters.

With so many Americans looking for the cowardly culprit, and with a generous bounty of $3,000 and counting, surely it will only be a matter of time before the attacker goes down on his knees when the full force of the law reaches him.

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