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Evil: Two Minor Delhi Boys Forced To Sexually Assault Each Other While They’re Filmed

The city of Delhi has earned the title of the rape capital of the nation, this is because of the formidable acts that are committed against the young ones.

In a city where sexual assault and rape against women of all ages appears to be normal, the perpetrators of this acts have decided to step up their efforts. They’re now assaulting minor boys.

The authorities busted two individuals on Sunday from a group of 10 that was accused of inhumanly torturing two Delhi boys aged 13 years and 15 years, they then forced the boys to sexually assault each other while the accused filmed the entire incident in west Delhi.

Delhi Police Special Commissioner, and Chief PRO Dependra Pathak said that an FIR had been filed against 10 persons under the Indian Penal Code on charges of unnatural sex and other offences, and under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act.

One of the accused, identified as Kanwar Singh, summoned the 13-year-old on October 26, they alleged that the boy had committed theft in Singh's home. Kanwar was in the company of other men with whom they beat up the boy with leather belts and held him hostage. However, they did not admit to theft, the accused called in his 15-year-old friend, and both the boys were forced to strip naked.

The perpetrators tortured the young boys for more than 5 hours, they applyied petrol and chilli powder to their private parts, burning them with cigarettes and forcing them to perform sexual acts on each other. In the meantime, they were busy filming the entire process, the accused threatened to leak the video if the police were informed of the crime.

The heinous crime was unveiled on Saturday when the video footage recorded by the accused went viral on social media and the boys' families approached the police. The two boys are friends and live with their families in the Metro Vihar area of Holambi Kalan.


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Anonymous No. 11288 2017-11-07 : 11:21

SICK, …. does India have Death Penalty?

Now would be a good time to use it 10x .

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