By: Savannah Smith | 11-06-2017 | News
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Texas AG Says It’s Better to Arm Citizens Than to Increase Gun Control

The liberals are again exploiting the unfortunate shooting incident at a church in Sutherland, Texas to push again for their pet project of more gun control as the answer to stopping madmen from committing mass murders with their firearms.

It is easy to join the noise of those who think they are in the majority when it comes to gun ownership and gun control and to silence other opposing views. However, no less than Texas’ own attorney general has spoken his mind, stood his ground and has given a contrary opinion to the narrative Democrats want to impose. The state attorney general said on Monday that he “would rather arm law-abiding citizens” to prevent such incidents than pass more laws that would disallow people from owning guns.

Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said in an interview with Fox News that he is not convinced that gun laws would have prevented suspected shooter Devin Kelley from carrying out the horrendous crime.

Paxton also believes that there are already laws and measures in place to deal with such a situation. He said: “There are laws against murder, and this guy violated the laws against murder. So adding some gun law would not, I don’t think, in any way change this guy’s behavior.”

As it is, Paxton was even questioning the suspect’s right to carry a firearm in the first place. Kelley served in the U.S. Air Force at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico starting in 2010. Two years after, he faced a court martial for two counts alleging assaults on his wife and child. After getting a conviction, Kelley served 12 months in custody, had his rank reduced and was also given a bad conduct discharge in 2014.

Paxton shared: “It’s not clear to me that he wasn’t already prevented from having a gun, given his history in the military. Paxton also expressed his opinion that those who are lawfully permitted to carry guns could have intervened to save lives and stop the suspect from endangering more people.

Paxton said: “What ultimately may have saved some lives is two people that were outside the church that actually had guns that may have slowed this guy down and actually pursued him.”

The Attorney General of Texas concluded: “I would rather arm law-abiding citizens and make sure that they can prevent this from happening as opposed to trying to pass laws that would prevent law-abiding citizens from having guns.”

It is so easy for the Democrats to jump in on the issue, and use the unfortunate and horrific incident to magnify the fears of the citizens that gun control is the answer to preventing mass shootings, and not the proper implementation of adequate laws that should ensure guns will be in the possession only of responsible and law-abiding citizens, and not of mad men like the Texas shooting suspect.

As always, liberals with their supposed political correctness miss it again- the answer to a more safe and secure America for the people is not less freedom, it’s not imposing stifling restrictions, it’s not government overreach but only common sense implementation of the laws.


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