By: Steve Dellar | 11-06-2017 | News
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Update: Saudi Game Of Thrones Purge Continues

Yes, dear readers, the power play that is ongoing is sparing no one. 11 Saudi princes, 27 officials and businessmen (including one of the world’s richest people, billionaire Prince Alwaleed, number 8 on the Forbes rich list) have been arrested over the weekend when the crown prince, Mohammed Bin Salman, the 32-year-old son of current King Salman (pictured together), grabbed power, being appointed as head of a newly formed corruption agency.

Already over the weekend, we reported how one <a href=""> Saudi prince died near the Yemen border with 7 of his closest confidants with him </a>. To the untrained eye this may seem like an accident, but make no mistake, this is a power grab as pure as you have ever witnessed one.

If you are a resident of Saudi Arabia and read the list of princes arrested, killed and captured over the weekend, there is only one word to describe it: purge.

Mr Chas W. Freeman, a former United States ambassador: “It is the coup de grâce of the old system. Gone. All power has now been concentrated in the hands of Mohammed bin Salman.”

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Prince Salman had declared earlier this year: “No one involved in corruption will escape, regardless if he was a minister or a prince.”

In order to make sure that no one could escape via private jet, the airport near Ryadh was temporarily closed whilst the Saudi army took over control of all flights.

As Roger Stone, the foreign advisor of Infowars put it: “What Prince Salman did was move quickly to purge the Bush diplomats and the others who he views as soft on Iran.”

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A White House release stated that President Trump had appeared to give an endorsement of the arrests in a phone call with King Salman, the young Prince’s father.

A White House summary of the call contained no references to the arrests, and said Mr. Trump had praised Crown Prince Mohammed for other matters:

The White House Press release read: “President Trump noted that the King and Crown Prince’s recent public statements regarding the need to build a moderate, peaceful, and tolerant region are essential to ensuring a hopeful future for the Saudi people, to curtailing terrorist funding, and to defeating radical ideology – once and for all – so the world can be safe from its evil.”


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Anonymous No. 11251 2017-11-06 : 19:37

Red Wedding !

Anonymous No. 11287 2017-11-07 : 11:19

They can clean house all they want.

As long as it stops another Osama Bin Laden type Saudi prince funding another Radical Islamic Terrorist group.

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