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They Fear the Samurai : How President Trump and PM Abe will Restore Japan to Greatness

“Sword and mind must be united. Technique by itself is insufficient, and spirit alone is not enough.” Famous words of Yamada Jirokichi.

They truly ring to be prophetic in modern times, especially when discussing the rise of China, their misuse of lapdog North Korea, the world's dominant superpower in America, and our sheathed blade being Japan.

Many suggest it's time we unsheathe that blade; and prepare to strike fear into our enemies with it.

The growing threat in the Pacific from North Korea is no doubt on the minds of world leaders across the globe.

As the Nork Madman known as Kim Jong Un continues to reign in his desire to pursue weapons of mass destruction; tension rises amongst the world's leading economic power in China and the world's dominant military superpower being the United States of America.

What the media doesn't talk about but is well known amongst experts in international military and economic warfare is that China is no doubt using the North Koreans as a proxy warfare tool against the United States and the rest of the world so that while the world is focused on North Korea they can expand their illegal growth into the contested South Pacific waters and build man-made islands full of military weaponry to prepare for their climb to global superpower status.

That's the endgame of China; to dominate the planet both militarily and economically, and they're one for two in their conquests so far.

Make no mistake about it, the sleeping dragon of China is the real greatest threat to the entire world since many nation's economies are reliant upon Chinese goods to survive which has helped destroy and kill nationalist manufacturing in almost every nation.

What the world including America doesn't want to talk about, is that China's boom and replacement of goods from the United States and even to the United States also has left America in shambles in their economic prowess.

The once great industrial revolution of America is nonexistent as factories have completely closed and manufacturing is at an all time low and may never return to those levels.

The only thing continuing to drive America's economy is now the Military Industrial Complex, because for multiple Administration’s Presidents have failed to stand up to the bully or China and their cuckoldry in doing so has permitted the current global economy to depend upon the Chinese.

North Korea, while a legitimate cancer that only continues to spread across the Pacific’s body, is just a parasite that's controlled from China.

The blockade of China through South Korea, and the backing of the United States, has kept the dragon from breathing it's fire across the seas for decades.

The dragon however is has risen from it's lair and wishes to expand its own wings in such a way that the inevitable is seemingly going to occur in our lifetime.

President Trump; the brazen American not only foresees this threat but is playing the long game with China by forming a bond with the Japanese people, and their Prime Minister Shinzō Abe in an effort to bring back the powerhouse of Japan into the global conflict arena.

Japan, being just the tiny island nation; has a history of imperial desires and courage that of which struck fear into the hearts of the entire world including the United States in World War Two.

Japan for several decades however now has been limited as per what it's military could accomplish; as per post World War Two doctrine after the surrender.

However now six decades after their defeat, that very military cooperation pact which kept Japan held behind is set to potentially undergo massive new changes.

As a result of these efforts being pushed for by President Trump behind closed doors, for the first time since World War Two×Japan could officially have its own first-strike capabilities against potential threats in the region and be allowed to engage in a collective self-defense once again.

This is a genius move, and a means to not only remove the nullification mentality from Japanese culture, who have grown so used to being “backseat drivers” that they're unsure of exactly how proud and strong their ancestors were.

Expertise from U.S. policymakers all have come to the consensus that it is wise for Washington to encourage Tokyo to take on a more assertive military posture in Asia.

After all, North Korea is a completely unhinged loose cannon, China is increasingly belligerent and the war-weary American people are tired of policing every corner of the world; so any way you look at it from America's point of view this is a win-win.

Japan, since their crushing defeat at the hands of the United States; have allowed a culture of cuddly comfort to weaken the masculinity of males, which is a major stretch from the heritage of the Samurai, and it undoubtedly could benefit from becoming a modern blockade to the cultural marxism which has swept the globe.

That very cultural marxist indoctrination and international Communism is what Japan fought against in World War Two, albeit attacking the United States was a major mistake that changed the entire focus of their ploy to remove the crowns of Communism from the planet.

Still proud in defeat, Japan became one of America's favorite and strongest allies through the years even after surrendering entirely it's military.

That being said it looks as if it's going to now change, and those changes have profound implications, both historically and prophetically.

Three quarters of a century have passed, and now Japan is going to establish itself as one of the world's most elite and capable fighting machines yet again.

The resurgence comes despite a constitution imposed by the United States after World War II that limited the country's forces to defensive purposes only. In fact, analysts say, that defensive restriction has helped make Japan's military stronger than it might have been without it.

"Pilot for pilot, ship for ship, Japan can stand toe to toe with anybody," said John T. Kuehn, a professor of military history at the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College.

Since Japan held an unexpected and sudden “snap election” via Shinzo Abe once again dominantly winning; he has since acquired the political capital to revamp and change the Constitution (which is the real fourth dimensional chess game he was playing the entire time).

Even now Japan's Armed Forces, while restricted by the Constitution, are the world's seventh strongest.

In fact China fears Japan, and rightfully so, since Japan invaded much of China from 1931 through the end of World War II in 1945, and today’s Chinese leadership believes the invader hasn’t properly atoned for that era.

Even if new Constitutional reforms in Japan retains the outdated wording that promises a “pacifist spirit” for the Japanese military, any increase of its actual power will anger Beijing.

Good. In all honesty screw China.

China has been manipulating currency for decades and ripping of technological and manufacturing feats from the rest of the planet cloning and copying their products violating international copyrights and due to their refusals to obey them and their intentionally weakened currency no business or industry has successfully challenged the Chinese for stealing their original thoughts because well; it's not financially worth it due to their manipulated currency.

China will be pissed off if the United States helps Japan regain it's globalized power stature, and China will no doubt be forced to cut their losses as per expanding into the Pacific illegally threatening the sovereignty of many of the United State's allies.

Listen, it's us or them. There can be only one. China is not our friend.

Past Presidents have bent their knees and kissed the ring of China for far too long.

President Trump, along with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, can put China back into it's lair where it belongs with the other Communist filth on the planet.

China however has already expressed its anguish and is now crying to the United Nations about any impending increase or Japanese Military prowess; something that is a joke for multiple reasons including that China rips off the world and laughs at the UN when they condemn it and also that it's up to Japan what it wants to do, not the UN or China.

So Chinese fear of Japan is real, and it makes sense.

That’s because China is vying with Japan over a disputed tract of sea as well as crucial influence in other parts of Asia.

The 1947 Constitution following Japan’s World War II surrender commits troops to purely defensive purposes. Article 9 now says “Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation” and that “land, sea, and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained.”

Well, that is about to change.

President Trump has built such an amazing relationship with Japan and clearly Abe is redpilled to the max on the future of the planet Earth under a Communist superpower like China; so they are actively planning this change.

I for one embrace the change, as should all Patriots, and support giving Japan a chance to remove much of America's global police burden and also crack down on China the same way they're using North Korea to attack us; except by using Japan to unsheathe their katana instead.

President Trump in Japan said, “For the last many decades, Japan has been winning, you do know that.”

“We want fair and open trade, but right now our trade with Japan is not fair and it’s not open. But I know it will be, soon. We want free and reciprocal trade, but right now our trade with Japan is not free and it’s not reciprocal, and I know it will be,” said President Trump, who realizes that they indeed fear the Samurai.

President Trump is indeed on another level here, and what he's intending to do in backing Abe and Japan will ensure prosperity for America will continue through the next century.

Stay mad China, you and the international Communists who support your evil.


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