By Kaoru Moulton   |  11-06-2017   News
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There is always the miracle. Believe in God.

A 9-year-old Jacob Thompson may not be able to live until Christmas.

He was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma several years ago. This is a rare type of cancerous tumor, including on the membrane between his skull and his brain.

His mother Michelle Thompson Simard wrote on the GoFundMe page that Jacob entered "Last" at Barbara Bush Children's Hospital in Portland, Mainland.

She said earlier this month, "Father Roger and I are told that we should spend as much time as possible.

The boy 's family, friends, and some others decorate the hospital' s room with trees, requesting a special visit from Santa Claus, showing his support for homemade holiday cards all popping in from people.

His father, Roger Guy, told the news station that "Jacob loves Christmas."

Jacob 's mother said that he was hospitalized at the hospital on October 11, after his son started chemotherapy and radiation round.



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