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Robert Mueller has gathered sufficient evidence to charge President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, and his son in the investigation on the alleged collusion between Trump aides and Russia.

NBC News cited multiple sources that are familiar with the investigation, it said that Mueller’s team was looking at possible charges of money laundering and lying to federal agents, and Flynn’s role in a possible plan to remove an opponent of the Turkish president from the US in exchange for millions of dollars.

The report is yet to be confirmed as Barry Coburn, a lawyer for the younger Flynn, declined to comment. Robert Kelner, Flynn’s lawyer, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

During a week which began with Mueller’s indictment on financial charges of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and campaign aide Rick Gates; coupled with the news of a guilty plea and potential cooperation by a former foreign policy adviser, George Papadopoulos – White House and Republican party sources have sought to increase pressure on Mueller.

Flynn is being subjected to increased pressure by Mueller following his indictment of Manafort. The Republican speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, said on Sunday that Mueller should not be fired or step down.

“We need to let these career professionals do their jobs, see it through … I don’t think he should be stepping down and I don’t think he should be fired,” Ryan told Fox News Sunday.

The former national security adviser only served 24 days but he resigned after it was discovered that he had misrepresented his contacts with a Russian diplomat to Vice-President Mike Pence.

The lawyers for Flynn and his son, Michael G Flynn, who worked with his father, declined to comment on the issue. The same happened with the special counsel Robert Mueller’s office.


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