By: Earnest Jones | 01-23-2017 | News
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Mexicans build mock wall in Trump protest outside US embassy

Mexican protesters burned and punched an effigy of the US President Trump over his pledge to pursue the construction of the controversial border wall in the Southern border with Mexico. The angry demonstrators in Mexico City built a mock barricade outside the US embassy topped by an effigy of Donald Trump in protest at the President’s plan to construct a huge wall along the border.

In retaliation of President Trump’s plan, the crowd symbolically pulled the cardboard box wall down before punching and setting fire to the President Trumps effigy.

This came shortly after hundreds of thousands of women took part in anti-Trump marches around the world to vent their anger following Trumps inauguration. This is not a surprise since President Trump is an anti-establishment candidate and hence he’s bound to face opposition from the hooligans in the establishment who are behind the protests.

The crucial question that every concerned individual is asking themselves is how will President Trump affect world affairs? President Trump has vowed that he’ll swiftly pursue the construction of the wall along the America’s Southern border, which he’s already made clear that Mexico will cater for the cost.

In the much-heated campaign period, he pointed out that Mexican migrants were involved in terrible acts such as rape and murder as he vowed to keep them out, as a result, this sparked outrage in Mexico.

In a statement made by one of the protesters taking part in the US embassy demonstration, the Mexicans are against the construction of the wall and that they were marching because the Mexican government has not faced up to Donald Trump’s threats like the citizens wanted. Adding that the Mexicans don’t agree with Trump’s statement on the Mexicans paying for the construction of the wall.

The demonstrators also set a figure of Mr. Trump on fire. Mexicans are also concerned about Mr Trump’s vow to renegotiate a joint trade deal that underpins the country’s economy. President Trump has also made it clear that he would move to tear up the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) if there’s no fair deal.

In response, the Mexican President Peno Nieto, who previously likened President Trump’s rise to the ascent of Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler, has now resulted in a more polite and more conciliatory note. As pointed out in a tweet, he wrote that he would defend the interests of Mexicans in a respectful manner. Adding that he’ll work to strengthen the relationship with shared responsibility.

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