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There are multiple reports of what appeared to have been an active shooter situation at a Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

What kind of savage would choose to shoot at a Church where innocent men, women, and children are worshipping on a Sunday in the House of the Lord is beyond perplexing and extremely infuriating.

The shooting took place at the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs located on 216 4th Street; which is approximately 40 miles to the east of San Antonio.

Witnesses say that a male suspect entered the church and opened fire on the victims.

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Witnesses say there are multiple victims at the site of the Church where dozens of police cars and emergency medical responders are at the scene trying to make sense of the barbaric crimes against Children of God in his House of Prayer.

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Local media KENS 5 is reporting that there are at a countless number of victims and that the suspect has been shot and killed.

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Reports on Twitter and Facebook have also indicated that as many as 15 people were shot at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, but authorities had not confirmed that number.

An MSNBC producer wrote, “Source in TX tells me as many as 10-15 dead in church shooting in Sutherland Springs, near San Antonio; suspect is down.”

On social media, people said the casualty count could be even higher but again there is no official confirmation on any of these numbers as of this time.

Sheriff Joe Tackett has also confirmed that there were both multiple fatalities and that shooter has been taken down by police.

This is a breaking story, we will update with facts as they come in.

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Anonymous No. 11197 1509931083

He was mainstream left as in ANTIFA

Anonymous No. 11202 1509932571

Verfied, He was a Hard Core ANTI-FA member. Screen Shots of his Social Media Page was captured BEFORE it could be cleaned up, or removed.


To the GUN CONTROL LIBERALS. The shooter was Dishonoribly Discharged and by Law should not had a weapon.

Again let me repeat some basic logic. Criminals do not obey Laws, so why hamstring honest Citizens with more gun that impead purchases and self defense carry?

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