By: Earnest Jones | 01-23-2017 | News
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CNN ‘Blacklisted’ Not Welcome In WhiteHouse Anymore

The crooked news outlet CNN had its press pass applications denied to all Trump events at Friday’s inauguration, a source in the transition team revealed that the network will not be welcome in any future White House press briefings.

Trump has severally pointed out that CNN is a biased media outlet after the prejudiced reporting during election. President Trump considers the media to be a fake news outlet that has been pushing a malicious agenda.

However, CNN has always been stubborn, following the cancellation of press passes, the news outlet has been fighting tooth and nail behind the scenes to hold onto their White House press passes. The controversial news network has proved to be very malicious after it enabled its employee Donna Brazile to funnel debate question to Hillary Clinton. Surprisingly, the crooked news network fired her after WikiLeaks revealed that she did it more than once. Such kinds of awful occurrences make it an untrustworthy news network.

The crooked news outlet has been exposed by leaks as having at least nine senior employees who wined and dined with Clinton’s campaign manager at his house, with the sole intention of colluding to frame the HRC message and frame the race. Its evident that this network can neither be taken serious nor be given access to the White House.

CNN has had a track record of displaying the worst journalistic approaches, it tried its best to discredit the whistleblowing organization by spreading the unfounded establishment propaganda about Russian links. The network was caught lying to Americans about their First Amendment rights by claiming it is illegal to possess these stolen emails and therefore everything viewers learn about WikiLeaks publications must be learnt through the crooked news outlet.

The cold and hard truth is the fact that CNN is falling apart, this is exactly what it deserves after trying to push the establishment's propaganda, one of the former staff exposed the channel for accepting cash to air what amounts to infomercials for foreign dictators. The press has drastically changed its approach, long ago, the press held government’s feet to the fire as a rule. This has changed to a game of lies, manipulation and ingratiating themselves with the establishment as it tries to protect the moneyed elite from independent and legitimate inquiry so as to cash in from the establishment.

CNN has been the DNC establishment’s public relations arm, this has been exposed and as a result the diabolic ratings are already signaling the extinction of the crooked news outlet.

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