By: Earnest Jones | 01-23-2017 | News
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Nicole Kidman ‘Blacklisted’ From Hollywood After Admitting Her Support For President Trump

It’s unfortunate that some of this Hollywood personalities sold their souls and as a result they’re not allowed to freely express their political opinion. However, if they decide to express their opinion like Nicole Kidman did, the worst is due to happen. As reported by a source at Creative Artists Agency in Los Angeles, the Hollywood personality had her contracts cancelled by two Hollywood studios and has also been warned by the famous liberal celebrities to steer clear of the Oscars.

Nicole Kidman has also received threatening letters warning her to go back to where she came from. Kidman was born in Hawaii and she holds dual US-Australian citizenship. The intolerant liberals are all over the place spreading the hate because on the 10th of January, Nicole Kidman, who is a Hollywood A-lister, dared to go against the Hollywood agenda and told an interviewer that we need to support whoever is the president.

In a nation governed by Democracy, that sounds like a reasonable statement. However, that’s not the case for Hollywood puppets. The backlash began days later, the mainstream media decided to mobilize against her and started reporting that Kidman exhibited a bizarre behavior during the Golden Globes. Its without a doubt that the mainstream media and Hollywood are attacking free speech by using underhand methods.

As reported by Vigilant citizen reports, there is something wrong with the mass media. The crooked corporate media has resulted in censorship, character assassination. The term ‘’fake news’’ is used to dismiss important stories. Individuals who happen to go slightly out of the ideological boundaries that the crooked media has set are shunned, destroyed and harassed.

Recently, Kanye West was handcuffed and forcibly sent to a hospital shortly after showing support for Trump. West praised Trump’s strategy of bypassing mass media and its crooked ways to reach out to his electorate.

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Anonymous No. 1138 2017-01-24 : 03:37


Nancy L Fairfield No. 1141 2017-01-24 : 05:38

These liberals ought to give up the ghost just because a person wants to believe in what is right…And willing to give a person a chance…Should not be blacklisted or put down for there beliefs…Get real it's OK for Madonna to threaten to blow up the White House and nothing to be done about her comment…Half these stars who are protesting don't know what the hell they are talking about just listen to what they are spewing does not make sense…dah

Name_less No. 1143 2017-01-24 : 07:29

This looks like fake news. Not a reliable website at all.

Sandra No. 1147 2017-01-24 : 10:04

I have a daughter named Nicole who doesn't speak to me!!!!!!!! Nicole Kidman, wake up to yourself!!!!!!!

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